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    Zeff and ionization energies

    Hey guys, Im having trouble understanding/explaining some of the trends in ionization energy with calculated Zeff by slaters rules. For example I was asked why is the 3rd ionization energy for Be greater then the 3rd ionization energy for O My train of thought was to say its pulling an...
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    Redox trends of the first row transition metals

    Hey, I'm having trouble understanding the trends of the oxidation states for the first row of the transition metals -my prof said that Cu is the only metal that forms a stable +1 oxidation state. But, I've done a question in hmwrk that had Cu+1 as unstable with respect to disproportionation how...
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    Partial derivative in thermodynamics

    So I have a proof and I can't follow the process, I think its because I haven't learned how to do partial derivatives or I've forgotten, anyways can someone tell me if this is a rule in calculus (∂Cv/∂V)T=0 I've gotten to [(∂/∂V)(∂U/∂T)V]T and the proof I have goes to...