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    Ansoft Maxwell 3D problem

    Hi, I'm trying to simulate a linear induction motor using ansoft maxwell 3d design, but the following error occurs: "Mesh quality of some elements is not accepted by solver." Can anybody help me? my email: Sorry for my English
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    Maxwell 3D (ANSOFT)

    Dear all I am Working with Maxwell 3d, to simulate Linear induction motor,my email is When setting up a transient solver problem in Maxwell 3D, the following error occurred when running the simulation: "Could not find the face. There might be an isolated hole...
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    Maxwell 3D (ANSOFT)

    Dear all I'm a new user and I need help about maxwell 2D transient. i want to simulate a linear induction motor using maxwell 14. when i define a band for transient state and then run maxwell,an error occures. error is:"there might be an isolated hole in the band" how i can remove this...