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    Wireless transmission of electricity

    As I say, check the coil builders sites for coil design info. Teslas Colorado Springs Notes is a good (but heavy going) read. Basically, a spark discharge means a 'failure'. Set things for primary resonance and "St. Elmo's Fire"or 'secondary efflueve' as it is sometimes called. Pump the input...
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    Building a transformer.

    There is a NASA page discussing their work with this sort of thing. They covered it fairly thoroughly back in the 60's and early 70's. The lifter does indeed work by íon wind' they conclude. It will not work ín vacua' - every experiment to try this shows it doesnt. 30Kv is a very modest...
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    Cockroft-Walton question.

    Yes, you may have as many stages as you can feed - at some point however the effective lumped series resistance will start to defeat your efforts.. so you cant start withl 12 v and multiply your way to 12 MV.
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    Wireless transmission of electricity

    Check the Tesla web ring for details on Tesla. Not that there was no money for the project - just that there was no way of metering any usage, so no way to charge for it - so what commercial enterprise would back that? More recent attempts to replicate the work have been made by a few groups -...
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    Faraday Disk experiment

    High voltage, low amperage?? Nope.. Only the other way around.. huge current at fractional voltage - used in electroplating and a few industries like that. Seriously large units (10MW versions) have been built - these are used to fire up rail guns and the like. As a source of motive power or as...
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    Faraday Disk experiment

    Homopolar Generator - Physics Help and Math Help - Physics Forums. May as well meet the rest of the homopolar disk fraternity. :) The "Homopolar Handbook" by Thomas Valone is a very good reference and source of info on the (substantial) work of others in this field. There is no flouting of...
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    Mythbusters Death Ray

    Not Archimedes.. Leonardo Da Vinci. Did a lot of drawings that still survive on focus of mirrors. Sneaky fella was working for both sides of an opposing battle.. Check the Leonardo web ring for pics.
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    Laser Range Finders

    ?? These things are laser 'tape measures' sold at larger hardware outlets for about $AUD 40 to 80. Remember.. Dont stare into the laser beam with your remaining eye... (There isnt really an 'eye safe' laser!)
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    Vegetable Oil conversion for diesel engines

    Fuel tax is a tax (in most countries anyway) levied on the financial transaction of a fuel at the point of sale. Dont sell it! Fuel for free.. $$ to wipe your windshield! In any case, like homebrew alcohol - no problem until you try and sell it.
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    Move that water!

    Have calculated the efficiency of of Hydraulic Ram. As the question / challenge requires a very much smaller ultimate head than I had been requested.. had to re-evaluate.. Now Supose the initial head is h and the height to be delivered to is H. Where H/8h is not exceeded (certainly so here)...
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    The Moller Flying Car

    The main difficulty with the Moller projects seem to be related to the power to weight ratio of the engines / turbines. Yes, the concept will ultimately work, no - it will remain a rich kids toy until price drops V.significantly. Other considerations are : "Speed? Range? Oh.. right.. so now...
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    Move that water!

    Hydraulic Ram Pumps I had thought this was some sort of logic impossi-puzzle until I read this. Your answer is a hydraulic ram (sold as a "Platypump" in Australia). These devices are not very efficient but are excellent for raising water well beyond the supplied head pressure. For every 10...