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    Medical Asperger's Syndrome

    I was agreeing with the side of Happeh's argument that people who have Asperger's syndrome, tend not to lie, and usually say what they think. Also, that people who believe they have education sometimes put themselves above the intelligence of other people. Personally I don't believe they are...
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    Medical Is it possible to see new colors?

    In the aspect of seeing new colors, a appropriate way to describe our prespective is that of a blind person trying to describe a normal color such as blue, green, etc. Except we can assume that the color(s) have the same qualities as the ones we see. It's quite mind boggling in my opinion to...
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    4 Astronomy Problems: ASSISTANCE NEEDED PLEASE

    I'll need to work hard it seems. I've been reading general astronomy books to try and get a good understanding of everything as a whole before I start learning more specific things. Hopefully it will come to good use in the future. Thanks for your help again.
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    4 Astronomy Problems: ASSISTANCE NEEDED PLEASE

    Thanks for the help and information. Would it be safe to say it is advanced algebra on an astronomy scale? I'm in 10th grade (in America), what classes would you reccomend to prepare for college? The school that I go to dosen't offer an introductory to Astronomy class. Although, it did teach...
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    Stargazing Astrophotography photos

    What is the most affordable process to take digital pictures with a telescope and also get decent quality pictures? I was wanting a digital telescope for christmas but it is out of my price range.
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    4 Astronomy Problems: ASSISTANCE NEEDED PLEASE

    Is this math typical to astronomy or is it more complicated? I'm wondering because i'm considering astronomy as a future career.
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    Medical Why do we smile when looking at babies?

    I think I smile because I see a life that has the hope and potential of changing the world for the better.
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    Medical Asperger's Syndrome

    You can't fully dismiss Happeh's point of view, Autistic/people with Aspergers Syndrome are usually some of the most honest people you can meet. As for the cause for the responses in social situations I think it will be a while before we know for sure. We don't have a concrete classification of...