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    Pressure change and flow rate

    [PLAIN] [Broken] If the image link above doesn't work, open the file I attached herein..
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    Finding the resultant vector

    Homework Statement In the figure below shows the path taken by a drunk skunk over a level ground, from initial point i to final point f. The angles are θ1 = 30, θ2 = 50, and θ3= 80, and the distance are d1 = 5.00 m, d2 = 8.00 m, and d3 = 12.0 m. What are the (a) magnitude and (b) angle of the...
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    Newton's law of Motion problem

    Yes, you're right, 4.5 m/s as a final velocity doesn't seems to happen in reality. But this is the velocity stated in this problem.
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    Newton's law of Motion problem

    Yes, my prof has its own solution to this problem but he didn't discuss it in our class. He said this problem may appear in the next test. He just said that no one in his class got it right except his bright student last year.
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    Newton's law of Motion problem

    Homework Statement The lower chamber of the heart, (the left ventricle) pumps blood into aorta. The left ventricular contraction lasts 0.20 seconds, during which time a mass of 88 grams of blood is accelerated from rest to a speed of about 4.5 m/s. Find the acceleration & Force. known: V...