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    Physics 20-1: Energy

    Did the problem statement tell that whether the spring was vertical or horizonal? if it's vertical ,the answer will be different.
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    Gauss's Law question

    When a conductor is in electrostatic equilibrium,there is no electric field inside the conductor(in fact ,the inner surface also belongs to the 'inside' part).According to 'Gauss law',as a result, there shouldn't be any charge inside the conductor whatsoever.
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    Gauss's Law question

    The conductor's charge will only exist on the outer surface when it's in electrostatic equilibrium.Otherwise charge will move to the out surface to keep the 'ELECTROSTATIC EQUILIBRIUM'.
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    Balls and clay blob - Collision problems

    I think you've already known that since the 'Perfect elastic collision',the velosity of the ball after bouncing will be as same as that of it before bouncing,which just has an opposite direction. Now let's try this. Following Newton second law, acceleration comes from force.No matter whether...
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    Faraday Law problem

    Excuse me, but I think among 'da=pi*r^2', r should be a/2
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    Calculation of temperature drop after a pressure release

    'All these conditions correspond to liquid state according to the phase diagram of pure water, except 100 MPa/-10ºC.' I agree with lari on this point. Let's try a simpler thought to prove this. Since the density of ice is lower then that of water, the volume of ice is always larger than that of...