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    Runge Kutta Sine-Gordan equaiton.

    Apologies if this is in the wrong place, but could someone explain to me how I go about converting the sine-gordan equation with 2 double derivatives into one with a single derivative, or how I alter the rung-kutta algorithm to accommodate such a double derivative?
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    Relativity(Light years)? PLEASE HELP!

    The relevant equations are: γ=1/root(1-v2/c2) t'=γt x=γx' The 6 years is measured from his frame of reference, you need to measure the distance in the same frame as well.
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    Physics pulley question help please

    Let the driving force (weight of the hanging block-friction of the block on the surface)=the combined mass time acceleration. To solve for a. mg-Mgu=(m+M)a. The tension in the string should be the force required to drive the block on the surface against friction at a. T=Ma+Mgu...