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    Aliens - Are they out there?

    there are probably creatures living on electrons asking the same question:)
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    The Cat Whisperer

    The differance between a Dog and a Cat. A dog thinks they feed me they take care of me they love me they must be God. A cat thinks they feed me they take care of me they love me I must be a God.
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    Are credit cards bad for the economy?

    well yes and no, you have to consider the level of employment the credit card company provides.
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    Earth Resonance Power Generator

    I dont know
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    News Iraq: No way to win

    Time will heal, buy stock in Iraq corp. give it ten years and be rich.
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    Subliminal messages

    Do subliminal messages really work? Do they have the ability to motivate or control you? I was checking this one out and it kinda worked but would like other opinions. Let me know what you think.
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    Earthing alternatives

    If you have a differance in potential and create a path the charges will try and equal through the conductor. Think of the neutral as hot and the earth as neutral. Ok well I am starting to get discouraged, I just don't want anybody to get hurt thinking that in a system that is not earth grounded...
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    Earthing alternatives

    well in this case you become the path for current to travel from the neutral to the earth, if the system is grounded to earth via grounding rod the current will take the path of least resistance through the ground wire instead of your body.
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    Running a Car on Hydrogen Made from Water

    I am not ever going to give up, I have just learned from this forum some of my flaws in thought. That is a good thing cause now I am on a more solid path to reaching concrete goals.
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    Earthing alternatives

    Ok then my case is true that you can be shocked or electricuted in a system that is not earth grounded via the neutral? after all its the center tap of the xformer right?
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    Earthing alternatives

    Is that a yes?
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    Running a Car on Hydrogen Made from Water

    I did the same thing when I started into pf, I was excited about differant ideas but realized that they just aren't right. I use to think it was like splitting the atom and getting all that hydrogen out would net more energy than the electrolosys process also.
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    Steam vs water at the same temperature

    is it called superheated?
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    Earthing alternatives

    OK Averagesupernova is correct on his example, and not to argue, I just would like to ask a question then. When you have a hot wire and the system is not grounded to earth, do you have voltage between the hot and earth ground?
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    Earthing alternatives

    They are the same physical or electrical point. Thats why you must ground it to earth, if you don't there would be a differance in potential to earth, but because it is grounded the differance no longer exists. If something should happen to the earth ground be carefull. I know you think of...