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    Photons vs. Neutrinos in electromagnetic fields

    I have been wondering why photons can't go through matter and electromagnetic fields mostly unaffected while neutrinos can. Neither of them have an electric charge as a particle, and the basic description I see about neutrinos is always that "they are unaffected because they have zero electric...
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    Dirac delta an even function?

    yes ok i see your point. no need to be hostile, what i meant to ask was why it's an even function in general. so i could also phrase it like \delta (x-h) = \delta (-x+h) or just give a number \delta (x-5) = \delta (-x+5) In this case I just felt like the "spike" formed by the delta function...
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    Dirac delta an even function?

    Hi this is my first post here so I'm sorry if my question seems trivial. I haven't worked a lot with the dirac delta function before, so i always thought that the shifting property would only work as: \int\delta(x-h)\;f(x)\;dx=f(h) Now I've been reading some articles and I came across...