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    Electric field boundary equation implication at air/earth interface

    since, B=curl(A), curl(E)= -\partialB/\partialt 1)curl(E)=- \partial/\partialt(curl(A)) 2)curl( E+\partialA/\partialt)=0 3)then since curl(\nablaV)=0, E +\partialA/\partialt =- \nablaV E= -\nablaV -\partialA/\partialt I'm confused about how to go from step 1 to step 2. The first thing I did...
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    Domain/range of inverse functions

    Homework Statement Find the domain/range: 1)cos[arcsin(-2x)]=f(x) 2)sin[arccos(x)] + 2cos(arcsin(x)]=f(x) 3)sin[arccos(sin(arccos(x)))] Homework Equations arccos domain:{-1,1] range[0,pi] arcsin domain:{-1,1] range[-pi/2,pi/2] tan domain:{-infinity,infinity] range[-pi/2,pi/2] The Attempt...