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    Career in finance

    Computers do that, eh? No input required? No analysis of the output? When did computers become sentient? Training in a rigorous field, such as physics, is of high value to the economy. Many innovations of the past 70 years have come about as a result of a interdisciplinary team of...
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    Career in finance

    Thinking independently and asking important questions is not a result of being trained in physics. Sure, a physics or any STEM degree helps a person to think analytically and tackle an important problem from many different angles. These are very important skills but they are not solely acquired...
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    Career in finance

    Yes, finance is important but think of a baseball team (soccer, football, hockey etc). All the players have a different role. When one player becomes too important or powerful the cohesion of the team breaks down. Finance is useful but not so useful that everything else depends on them. I...
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    Career in finance

    Why? I'm not disputing the use of finance altogether just the extent to which the industry has grow. A good read about bringing in physicist to Wall Street is Michael Lewis' book Liar's Poker. Not to be mean, but if you don't think bringing goods and services into the economy is a road to...
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    Tips on Balancing Your Own Personal Studies and Full Time Work

    I find myself in a similar situation. I have an degree in economics and became interested in mathematics around the time I graduated. While there is a low probability I will never be a great and famous mathematician, I do enjoy learning it. I have taken the calculus series at a community college...
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    Career in finance

    I am probably being naive but I don't understand why students studying physics (or any science for that matter) would choose a field as socially useless as finance. I once had a "superior" tell me he laid off an entire factory (500+) of people to save a few percentage points on a balance sheet...
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    Mathematical Proof - Books

    How to Prove It by Daniel Velleman I'd post a link to Amazon but I have less than 10 posts. It's cheap but well written.
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    Physics I currently am a physics major in college and I really want to fly.

    I have a relative that is an international airline pilot for a major airline. He is always trying to convince me that it is the best job ever. He flys all over the globe and was showing me pictures of the Czech Republic, Germany, Tokyo, Nigeria, etc. The aircraft he flies is a technological...
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    Making my move, one tough decision at a time.

    Hi there pumpkin0017. Here are some of my thoughts on career guidance that I've thought about to share with you. Feel free to pick and choose the advice I give to best suit your needs. To other forum readers, I would suggest maybe keeping a running list of generally useful advice for all...
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    Math Business Major to Math Major

    Thanks for the responses so far. I think the mathematics degree will be very benefical to me, perhaps not financially but mentally and personally. I am fully cognizant of the fact that it will be a hard road but I will enjoy the challenge. Going to my calculus lectures and doing the coursework...
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    Math Business Major to Math Major

    Hello everybody, I started school in 2006 and studied like crazy to get out. I could have graduated in 3.5 years but became burned out after countless hours for studying of useless economcis classes. The economy hit the skids my junior year which threw me into a bit of depression since I...