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    Optical Transistor

    I was recently looking in lasers and and their uses and while watching Cosmos with Newton using a prism to shows the different colors of light from white light i got thinking. I stumbled onto the top optical or photonic computers a while ago and I decided to look into building one. After...
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    RF Ciruits and Microwaves

    My school offers a concentration in RF Circuits and Microwaves in their EE program. I have an idea about what some potential jobs/careers that use these topics are but am not sure. Can anyone tell me more about the concentration are/field and what jobs would be available in it or what some...
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    News How far should the Dragnet reach.

    I have a big interest in history and world politics, and now when i look at the US they denounce other countries for monitoring and censoring the internet and right of others but are some of the worst offenders themselves. Sometimes I will end up worrying that just in a Google search that the...
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    Mars in the future

    Mars does not currently have a thick enough atmosphere to allow water to flow and also due to extreme temperature variations. If if more CO2 was released from the ice caps I doubt in would be fast enough to help build up the atmosphere and would get stripped away possibly from the solar wind...
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    Testing GRE Physics Prep Courses

    Hi all, I will be a freshman in college starting this fall at Worcester Polytechnic Institute and am majoring in EE with a concentration in RF circuits and microwaves along with a possible double major in Physics with a concentration in Electromagnetism. I am looking to work with EM after I...
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    Theories of the origins of the universe

    Another idea is to add disproved theories on the origins of the universe such as the steady state theory which says the universe is infinite and always existed. Olbers paradox could be included here for support on why the universe is not infinite. The thing is that even with different theories...
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    Riemann Zeta Function Zeros

    I was looking at the Wolfram Alpha page on the Riemann Zeta Function Zeros which can be found here, At the top of the pag there are three graphs each with what looks to be a hole through the graph. Now I know the graph is an Argand...
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    A rudementary question on dark matter

    The existence and location of dark matter can be inferred by gravitational lensing. It is one of the best ways we have to locate it but even then it's not easy. I do remember a team of astronomers created a map of the dark matter, if I find it ill link it. However dark matter is still classified...
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    Where those energy go?

    The energy is not stored in a specific place but rather goes into the environment as heat and light and so it increases the entropy of the universe. It is not destroyed but merely the energies form is changed.
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    Schools High school student doing college physics . need help

    Keep practicing your math and strengthening your problem solving skills. This will reinforce your knowledge and make you better at the math and so the physics. You need a solid background in the math before delving into even more complex physics.
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    Another seemingly easy forces question

    The force thought with 150N has three significant figures. Leading zeros are not included in significant figures but trailing zeros are. The right answer was found but on a test it is always best to account for significant figures and I have always been expected too. Here is a link on a brief...
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    Will there ever be a 2nd ice age?

    The earth seems to go through periods of warming and cooling and those periods of cooling can bring an ice age depending on the temperature change. We will go into another ice age, the correct answer is we don't know as we cannot predict the future but the most likely explanation is yes but the...
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    Another seemingly easy forces question

    The blocks acceleration is 2.53m/s^2 which is three significant figures so an answer of 37.5kg is correct. Just don't forget the correct units.
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    Solve for x 5/3 = 1/2(x^-1)(y)

    You are trying to solve for x so my approach would be to solve to y in terms of x and then plug that into y so there is only x in the equation and then solve for x, so 5/3 = 1/2 * x^-1 * y Multiply both sides by x as you did before 5/3x = 1/2 * y Divide both sides by 1/2 10/3x = y Now plug...
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    Cosmic Strings

    The paper was helpful and interesting so thank you, I saw as I was reading it, it might be possible to locate the strings theoretically in the real world. Besides what is in the paper would any of you guys know how this could be done.