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    Information about laminated materials?

    Hmm...laminates. You could take a PhD in that topic and still not know everything, the field is that vast. When people talk about strength, there are usually 3 primary types of 'strengths' they could be referring to - yield strength, Elastic modulus and toughness. One definition of the YS...
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    QM or Relativity first for self learners?

    *Starts taking notes* :smile: How about Feynman? From what I was told by some that he is good, but at times tends to dwell too much on superfluous points. Otherwise I still have the textbooks from my A-levels (with lots of unread chapters on QM & Relativity...), like Young and Hecht...
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    QM or Relativity first for self learners?

    I decided to expand my knowledge on Physics a little from what I was taught at school, which was mostly classical/Newtonian stuff. I am planning on learning both Quantum Mechanics & Relativity. Which one should I learn first, so that the knowlege from that first subject would help me learn the...
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    How does incoming air temperature affect peak boost in air compressors?

    Tony, from our PM correspondence, you seem to have access to a rig IRL (correct me if I am wrong). Could you try testing with either just the compressor alone, or the engine without the compressor, under winter and summer conditions? I am trying to see if the improved efficiency you spoke of...
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    Is there an optimum hardness for bone?

    Obviously, anyone with osteoporosis can tell you that bones can be too soft. But can bones be too hard? I thought that this may be possible because part of cushioning we get when we do everything from walking to jumping, comes from the flexing/compressing of bones (however small). The rest...
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    Nerve impulse amplifiers biology knowlege is very rusty, but aren't both the nerve impulse and the muscle composition the factors here? So the nerve impulse to lift a 5kg mass is less than the nerve impulse to life a 10kg one. Or for the same nerve impulse strength, a larger muscle will have an easier time...
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    Nerve impulse amplifiers

    Can any biology-savvy people comment on the viability of implants which boost the nervous signals to muscles, effectively making someone superhuman in strength and endurance? I can see how someone with these implants may end up killing themselves from over-exertion, but would something like this...
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    Let's hear it for maintenance engineers!

    LOL. I was on a flight from Sydney to Adelaide during a holiday to Australia some time ago, and the flight attendant over the PA went something like: "Ladies and gentlemen, welcome aboard the Qantas flight from Sydney to Perth." At which point, everyone started looking around and panicking...
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    Physics of superchargers/compressors

    My pleasure, Tony. Would my first reply with regard to the Joule-Brayton cycle answer your first new question? If you can elaborate a bit more on what else is puzzling you, maybe I can shed some light. It was pretty fun to exercise those cerebral thermo muscles which I have not flexed in ages [b(]
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    Some thoughts on Racism

    By the way, if I may digress slightly to the issue of sexism, I read a comment in a magazine by someone in a arcturial/statistics company that the IQ curve for men tends to be broader, while for women it tends to have a smaller standard deviation. So you get less morons for women but more...
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    Physics of superchargers/compressors

    The only factor which determines how much the piston is going to compress is the maximum force you can exert on the piston. If the piston is ideal (perfectly sealed, etc.) then as you reduce the volume of the working fluid, you will approach infinite pressures. The initial pressure, P_1, I...
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    Pacifists ? Pah!

    Be wary of trying to judge various sides of a conflict based on ethics and morality. Remember that suicide bombers die thinking what they are doing is right, and that they will go to heaven. Idealistic people with an easily affronted sense of morals/ethics are the easiest for people like...
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    Physics of superchargers/compressors

    I am not quite sure what you mean by "difference". Are you talking about fractional or absolute differences? Your starting point should be the work input into the container and its initial total temperature. Work done = {\int}{P}{\cdot}{dV} If you set up the experiment so that the...
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    Pacifists ? Pah!

    Yes. Of course. I just couldn't restrain myself from putting in my tuppence worth
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    Physics of superchargers/compressors

    Hmm...the term 'supercharger' is something that was simply called a compressor in turbines in my degree. After some Googling, I think this is what you are talking about (correct me if I am wrong). In which case...your point of reference should be the standard Joule-Brayton cycle. A...