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    Need some advice!

    Thanks for the replies! I apologize for providing insufficient information, I did not know that the country I live in would have such an influence! Yes you are right adaptation, but I am going to be ending up in the US or Canada either way, I am a Canadian citizen. If I do apply for...
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    Need some advice!

    So I'm just an ordinary guy, 15, in high school. I find math to be a really hard subject, and I feel that I am starting to fail more and more... I have a remainder of two years until grade 12, but I am really starting to wonder whether I will be able to graduate. I am getting worried, and so...
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    One Trigonometry Question

    Hi, I'm here to just ask a simple question: What is "grade" in Trig? I have been presented the question: "A bus traveled up a road that had a grade of 15%. What angle does this correspond to, what ratio and what slope is this?" I have not made an attempt on this question because I don't...