What is A levels: Definition and 14 Discussions

The A Level (Advanced Level) is a subject-based qualification conferred as part of the General Certificate of Education, as well as a school leaving qualification offered by the educational bodies in the United Kingdom and the educational authorities of British Crown dependencies to students completing secondary or pre-university education. They were introduced in England and Wales in 1951 to replace the Higher School Certificate. A number of countries, including Singapore, Uganda, Kenya, Mauritius and Zimbabwe have developed qualifications with the same name as and a similar format to the British A Levels. Obtaining an A Level, or equivalent qualifications, is generally required for university entrance, with universities granting offers based on grades achieved.A Levels are generally worked towards over two years. Normally, students take three or four A Level courses in their first year of sixth form, and most taking four cut back to three in their second year. This is because university offers are normally based on three A Level grades, and taking a fourth can have an impact on grades. Unlike other level-3 qualifications, such as the International Baccalaureate, A Levels have no specific subject requirements, so students have the opportunity to combine any subjects they wish to take. However, students normally pick their courses based on the degree they wish to pursue at university: most degrees require specific A Levels for entry.In legacy modular courses (last assessment Summer 2019), A Levels are split into two parts, with students within their first year of study pursuing an Advanced Subsidiary qualification, commonly referred to as an AS or AS Level, which can either serve as an independent qualification or contribute 50% of the marks towards a full A Level award. The second part is known as an A2 or A2 Level, which is generally more in-depth and academically rigorous than the AS. The AS and A2 marks are combined for a full A Level award. The A2 Level is not a qualification on its own, and must be accompanied with an AS Level in the same subject for certification. Due to the fact that AS Levels are considered less academically rigorous, the A* grade is reserved for those taking the subject to A2 standard, so only A2 units contribute to this grade. Additionally, students who are displeased with results from their AS units have the ability to resit. However, this has been criticised as nurturing a 'resit culture' and causing perceived 'grade inflation'.

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  1. S

    MHB A-level Mechanics Q3: Need Help w/Calculations

    It's question 3. Iam getting a bit confused with the calculations. Pls help
  2. Lalala

    Schools Engineering science at the University of Toronto for A levels students

    Hi I'm doing A levels now and I'm planning to go to University of Toronto next year September for engineering science, my question is what are the grades needed for my AS and A2 level to get into engineering science? My trial results are A in Chemistry and Math, A- in physics and B in biology.
  3. A

    A level physics doubt about a Diffraction grating

    Homework Statement Monochromatic light of wavelength 690nm passes through a diffraction grating with 300 lines per mm, producing a series of maxima on a screen. What is the greatest number of maximas that can be observed? A) 4 B) 5 C) 8 D) 9 Homework Equations n*wavelength = d*sin x The...
  4. BL4CKB0X97

    Schools University opinions of online A Levels

    Hi I am going to be getting my A levels through an Online service, as no college in my area does over age A-levels. I started my A levels in sixth form but got hospitalised through illness for a few months. Never got to finish because of it and when I got out I was still to ill to return. Now...
  5. M

    What does GCE (UK) involve (A-levels)?

    Hi! What does the General Certificate of Education (?) in the UK involve? Is it the same as A-levels? Edit: It says I need the GCE with two A-levels, what does this mean?
  6. P

    Discrete Looking for a basic Combinatorics text

    I need to know this subject for my uni access exam, which will include one combinatorics problem. It's very silly because it's not studied in the course at all, you are instead given random problems and are supposed to magically know them and work them out in the most painful ways. I just don't...
  7. Tibbz

    Just finished my A Levels, maths study advice before uni?

    Hi everyone, So I'm currently in the middle of my summer holiday (waiting for A Level results) and I'm getting pretty bored of not knowing what to do. (I have contacted some charities for volunteer work but still waiting to hear, anyway that's beside the point) At A Level I studied Maths (Core...
  8. P

    Foundations What's a good book for last year of A levels Maths?

    I'm looking for a book to self-study this summer before my last course of Bachillerato (A Levels or High School in other countries). My performance in Mathematics has only improved and I've just been given the maximum mark this last term (10/10 or A+). This has motivated me a lot to keep...
  9. Y

    Energy/power A levels physics

    Relevant formula : p(out) / p (in) x 100 percent = efficiency My question My approach But the right answer is 650kW
  10. C

    Registration fees for A levels as private candidate?

    All right, I'm planning to sit A level exams this January, I've been persistently studying the subjects but I'm not sure what the fees are. I'm applying rather late because I've found out where I can sit the exams by coincidence when I was losing hope of ever finding any information on the...
  11. D

    Application with 3 A levels only?

    I'm applying to Cambridge Maths. Will I be disadvantaged if I only take 3 A levels and no additional AS? I have no GCSE equivalent as well.
  12. B

    Should I take Further Maths and/or Chemistry A levels?

    Hello, I am new to these forums. I am in Year 10 and have decided to take Physics and Maths at A level. However, I need to choose 2 more A levels and have considered Further Maths and Chemistry. I would like to take Chemistry because I love science! But I'm worried there will be too much...
  13. I

    Average GCSE's/top A levels? What are my chances at top Uni?

    Hi guys I'm new to the forum, I'm currently studying in the UK. I Wanted to know peoples views on applying for top uni's such as Cambridge, MIT etc. I didn't do to well in GCSEs because I wasn't serious at the time. I got into AS and completely was overwhelmed by the amount of home...
  14. A

    Finished A Levels - Waiting for Results and Aiming for the Best

    Finished A Levels! yay:biggrin: now i have to wait over a month to get results , hmm.(im sure like many of u) bit sad to leave skl tho :frown: i'll miss the place, friends, teachers, familiar faces. anyway wish me luck, I'm aiming for... A,A,A,A* and distinction(I wish(!) made a lot...