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Average GCSE's/top A levels? What are my chances at top Uni?

  1. Nov 12, 2009 #1
    Hi guys i'm new to the forum,

    I'm currently studying in the UK.

    I Wanted to know peoples views on applying for top uni's such as Cambridge, MIT etc.

    I didn't do to well in GCSEs because I wasn't serious at the time. I got into AS and completely was overwhelmed by the amount of home study I had to put it. I am currently repeating my AS levels I am studying 5 A Levels; Mathematics, Physics, Further Math, Chemistry and Business. I know I can obtain top grades and my aim is to obtain straight A's and go onto study Engineering at Cambridge. I know having 5 strong A levels would increase my chances but my only worry is my GCSEs.

    So should I worry, should I try and re sit, whats your advice?

    Many Thanks
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    Resits would be a complete waste of your time. If your predicted a-level result are good then you would be better off strengthening your application in other areas. Have you done any relavent work experience? Do you know anyone who can help with your application?
  4. Nov 12, 2009 #3
    Thanks for the reply lincs-b,

    Well in my previous year I went to a couple of the extra-curricular 1 week summer courses;

    Headstart at Warwick University on Electronic Engineering

    http://www.headstartcourses.org.uk/courses_details.php?courses_id=63 [Broken]

    and with Smallpeice Trust at Southampton University on Super Computing in Engineering


    which are related to what I want to study so it may enhance my application, Although I am not sure if this would pass as work experience.

    In regards to someone who can help with my application our college has a careers advice etc. So maybe I could consult them.

    I just want my application to be as strong as possible, almost a guarantee, any more infomation and advice would be much appreciated.
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