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  1. curiously new

    I Laminar-turbulent transition and Reynolds number

    Hi all! This is my first post here, so hopefully I am not in violation of any rules or etiquette. I'm looking to derive an equation for Reynolds number as function of pressure for a pinhole leak in a pressurized gas line. The line is regular air and is pressurized to 1 atmosphere and is leaking...
  2. solarmidnightrose

    B Bernoulli Principle vs. Coanda Effect

    In the past couple of days I've been watching video demonstrations on YouTube that use the Bernoulli Principle to explain what is happening (e.g. the hairdryer and ball experiment) Then, I saw this one video using the Coanda Effect as the explanation (they were also using the hairdryer and ball...
  3. S

    Physics concepts behind pneumatic tube systems?

    I have a project for my physics class that revolves around the idea of building a working pneumatic tube system. I understand how I would build it and such but my teacher wants me to explain the theory behind it. Does anyone have any ideas about the physics behind this or the principles, rules...
  4. B

    I Model pressure loss vs time for air in a cylinder w/ hole

    Related to an engineering project I will be working on. The situation is that essentially I will have a closed cylinder (5.5 in x 26 in) with a small 15mm hole on the side (not on a circular face), which allows the air inside to be at equilibrium pressure/temperature with the outside. Then a...
  5. F

    I A1v1=a2v2? pressure and velocity are inversely proportional?

    If Bernoulli's equation P + 1/2ρv2 + ρgh = constant, implying that pressure decreases as velocity increases, and the Venturi effect states that a1v1 = a2v, what resolves this apparent contradiction? The velocity slows as the cross sectional area increases, but a narrower pipe would have greater...