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Which major? Biology, Biochemistry, Bioengineering?

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    Hi, im a Senior in HS and im on the edge of completeing my college apps but im still not sure what to put as my major... I love biology, but especially on the micro level. For this reason, would love to work/take courses on anything that has to do with either cells, their structures, or the organic parts that make up proteins and such. All this is of great interest to me, however I cant quite figure out which is the best path for a future and im afraid ill make the wrong choice, since being a Bio major is supposably Quite different from Biochem or other bio-related major...

    If someone could share the positives/negatives or their experience of majoring in either of these, so i could get a better idea, id really appreciate it!
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    It is an important choice for sure. However, in each of these, many of your courses will likely be the same for your first couple of semesters. To help make a choice initially I recommend viewing the department webpages and seeing what research they are doing. That may be able to narrow your decision a little bit more.

    Good luck!
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