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Engineering Materials Engineering vs Biomaterials Engineering

  1. Mar 28, 2016 #1
    Hello everyone,

    I am currently enrolled in a Materials Engineering course, but I recently found out that I might be allowed to switch to Biomaterials Engineering, which sounds a bit more appealing to me, since, at the moment, I am interested in a career in the pharmaceutical sector.

    However, I am worried that, by making such a change, I would be narrowing my graduate prospects. Would I still be able to apply for general materials science jobs? Also, would the new major enable me to apply to biochemistry/bioengineering jobs? Lastly, is a more general major a better idea if I plan on going to graduate school?
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    If I were looking at candidates, a biomaterials program would probably be close enough to materials engineering for many, although not for all purposes. This is to say, I wouldn't skip your resume just for that. Others may see this differently.
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