What is Carbon fiber: Definition and 27 Discussions

Carbon-fiber-reinforced polymers (American English), carbon-fibre-reinforced polymers (Commonwealth English), or carbon-fiber-reinforced plastics, or carbon-fiber reinforced-thermoplastic (CFRP, CRP, CFRTP, also known as carbon fiber, carbon composite, or just carbon), are extremely strong and light fiber-reinforced plastics that contain carbon fibers. CFRPs can be expensive to produce, but are commonly used wherever high strength-to-weight ratio and stiffness (rigidity) are required, such as aerospace, superstructures of ships, automotive, civil engineering, sports equipment, and an increasing number of consumer and technical applications.The binding polymer is often a thermoset resin such as epoxy, but other thermoset or thermoplastic polymers, such as polyester, vinyl ester, or nylon, are sometimes used. The properties of the final CFRP product can be affected by the type of additives introduced to the binding matrix (resin). The most common additive is silica, but other additives such as rubber and carbon nanotubes can be used.
Carbon fiber is sometimes referred to as graphite-reinforced polymer or graphite fiber-reinforced polymer (GFRP is less common, as it clashes with glass-(fiber)-reinforced polymer).

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  1. lovethepirk

    Vacuum bag vs bolt force (fabricating a carbon fiber wing)

    Hello, thanks in advance. I'm trying to make a near 100% solid carbon fiber wing. I'm vacuum bagging the top half of the wing and the bottom half of the wing separate. After making sure there is a thin 2mm gap b/w the center of both halves the goal is to put a very strong, thick epoxy between...
  2. kolleamm

    Can I mix carbon fiber fabric with most glues?

    I have a fragile plastic piece and I would like to coat the inner walls with carbon fiber, so I was thinking I could lay carbon fiber on it and put some glue from the hardware store to mix with it. Would it work in making it stronger or do I need a special glue?
  3. taiwai

    Find out the Young's modulus of a carbon fiber lamina composite

    Hello everyone, nice to be here. I am going to calculate the young modulus of 3 layers of carbon fiber laminar composite For example: 1st: 12K plain wave carbon fiber in 0 degree 2nd:3K till wave carbon fiber in 45deg 3rd:12K plain wave carbon fiber in 0 degree How can I approach to calculate...
  4. mastermechanic

    The cost of a carbon fiber car chassis

    Hello everyone! We're getting prepared to an electromobile car efficiency challange as a team. I'm going to take place in the chassis and exterior design team. I have lots of question but today I'm going to ask one of them. How much does it cost us to produce an ordinary car chassis? I'm...
  5. David Dincer

    Cooling for Underwater Monitor Housing

    Hi, I have an underwater monitor housing made out of carbon fiber and an acryllic Glass on the other side. Over time the monitor heats up. I guess carbon fiber is a bad heat conductor :(. the Acryllic glass is almost 1cm thick. Does anybody have an advice on how to cool something like this...
  6. S

    Automotive Why is carbon fiber safer than steel for the cars?

    Not just for carbon fiber vs steel, I went to a seminar and heard that the team was researching how to make the steel sheets used for car making to be 'stronger', so that, a car can be safer using their material. Then, when I asked what does it actually mean when they say their improved steel...
  7. J

    Discover the Weight of Carbon Fiber in a 12x40x2 Rectangular Box

    How much does a 12in(height) x 40in(length) x 2in(width) rectangular box weigh?
  8. T

    Water jet cuttng carbon fiber fabric

    Hello! I've just received information that there may be a requirement to cut some carbon fiber fabric on the water jet machine in our lab. The party that wants the cutting done, requires an option that's quicker than using shears to cut it. That's pretty much all the information I have at the...
  9. T

    Carbon Fiber Strip Buckling Force Problem

    Hey, So I`ve been trying to wrap my mind on how to solve this problem. I`m trying to use a CFRP Sheet as sort of a spring actuator by using it`s buckling phenomena to deliver a force to the body it`s attached to. Kind of vague so here is a video: This video does it electrically, but I...
  10. V

    Carbon fiber raw strength vs laminates

    If raw carbon fiber has strength of say 4000 mpa, how come it is reduced when put in epoxy laminate to become only 950 mpa?
  11. M

    Polymer with high Coefficient of Friction to Carbon Fiber

    Hey all, I'm trying to design a clamp that has to hold onto a hollow carbon fiber tube, approximately 2.5 inches in diameter. The clamp will be bearing a 15-20lb load. The carbon fiber will be at angles from 20-70 degrees from a vertical axis. I'm curious if there is a polymer that can be...
  12. G

    Carbon Fiber or Fiberglass rope/ribbon?

    Hi guys, I was wondering if it is possible to use raw carbon fiber or fiberglass fibers without any sort of binder or adhesive epoxy in a rope or an unidirectional ribbon as long as the load is uniform, predictable, and in one direction. I think it would be less vulnerable to crack...
  13. C

    Auto/Motor Feasibility of a carbon fiber chassis (DIY car design)

    Hey everybody, a couple years ago, I came across the top gear video for the Arial atom: a ~1000 lbs road legal 'go-cart' with a supercharged I-4 engine with a power to weight ratio of 600HP/Ton. Even though the body is already light, I would love too (once I get the time and resources) build...
  14. T

    Carbon fiber spring rates

    Hello this is me first post on here i don't know if this would be the right section but I'm trying to design and build this spring to only deflect 2-2.5 inches the force on it will be 200 pounds falling from 6 feet and coming down on the the two circles. my problem is i need to learn how to...
  15. V

    Expansion rate of Carbon Fiber vs Steel

    I am a lisc. Auto body tech, and I have a customer who wants a Carbon Fiber roof on a Volkwagen bug, I can fabricate a inner frame, and bonding will not be an issue, (according to paint rep) The hard part is I want to do a flush seem and have paint blend into carbon fiber. I will "butt" match...
  16. B

    Applications for optimized carbon fiber composites

    Hi, for a University project I need to find areas of application for a special carbon fibre composite design process. This process makes it possible to optimize several properties of the carbon composite at once. For example it is possible to develop structures that provide several...
  17. M

    Will a Carbon Fiber Car Frame Affect the Handling of My Electric Mini Cooper?

    hi, I've been toying with the idea of converting my mini cooper to an electric car, and I'm brainstorming ways to reduce the weight as much as possible. I came up with the idea of a carbon fiber frame to replace the heavy steel one, I found a company that can do it for me, but I was wondering...
  18. nismaratwork

    Carbon Fiber Car Frames: Really?

    http://news.blogs.cnn.com/2011/03/09/japanese-company-announces-breakthrough-in-carbon-fiber-technology/ Is this really feasible? I was under the impression that mass production of carbon fiber structures like this was still too slow and the fiber too expensive to make? Obviously I'm...
  19. P

    I need the acoustic properties of all materials more specifically carbon fiber

    Does anybody know the acoustic properties of carbon fiber. I've used google extensively but I've had no success. Is there a well known reference book within the materials engineering realm that gives the sound absorption coefficient (also known as the Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC)) of varius...
  20. kandelabr

    Carbon fiber, kevlar pressure vessel design standards

    hi, i can't find any standard defining design of unfired pressure vessels made from carbon fiber, kevlar, fiberglass or similar high tensile strength materials*. do standards like these even exist, since these materials are relatively new? * you know any more similarly competitive materials...
  21. K

    Designing a Rocket Airframe with Carbon Fiber

    I'm a sophomore Aerospace major, and I'm also a new member to a rocket student group at my university. We are currently involved in a competition with NASA, and they have asked our group to write a Preliminary Design Review. Everything was split up, and I was left with the rocket's airframe...
  22. J

    Can carbon fiber make a better bulletproof vest?

    Hey all, I wonder if anyone can answer this for me: Why hasn't carbon fiber been used to make better bulletproof vests (ignoring cost)? Doesn't carbon fiber have a higher tensile strength than Kevlar? Isn't it lighter? Also, wouldn't a solid version, of carbon fiber reinforced plastic...
  23. M

    Can a Steam Engine Be Made with Carbon Fiber Components?

    Would it be possible to build a steam engine using parts made primarily of carbon fiber? Any engine?
  24. N

    Help with physics of carbon fiber guitar case suspension system

    I'm developing a range of carbon fiber cases for guitars, violins and laptops. The cases have a suspension system of high density closed cell foam pads which hold the instrument where it is strongest eg base of the body, where the neck joins the body. It has been suggested that it would be...
  25. S

    Exploring Carbon Fiber Products: Resin & Epoxy Questions

    I am starting to learn how to make carbon fiber products i am not sure about what type of resin/epoxy? to use does the resin/epoxy give it that nice exterior? or is something else needed? any suggestions in general would be much appreciated thank you
  26. cronxeh

    Carbon Fiber Kits: Safety Test Results for Motorcycle Parts

    Hey there. I was browsing a motorcycle forum and stumbled upon a particular place where the moderator was in the process of selling his own manufactured "carbon fiber kits". Naturally I asked him if the people who designed those replacement parts had any engineering background, and if he had...
  27. O

    Can I Use Carbon Fiber to Strengthen Gas Powered Scooter Parts?

    Im looking to have several gas powered scooter parts made in carbon fiber from a cad file. Such things as steering pole, rims, deck, air scoop, and a distant goal of a frame. scooters in question www.goped.com. I understand some basics of carbon fiber, but pretty much just what you can learn...