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Aerospace Carbon Fiber or Fiberglass rope/ribbon?

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    Hi guys,

    I was wondering if it is possible to use raw carbon fiber or fiberglass fibers without any sort of binder or adhesive epoxy in a rope or an unidirectional ribbon as long as the load is uniform, predictable, and in one direction. I think it would be less vulnerable to crack propagation than reinforced stuff because cracks normally have to travel from fiber to fiber along a stiff binding material. Weight would also be somewhat less because there's no adhesive.

    Also, would air bubbles in a conventional fiber reinforced structure negatively affect it's tensile strength? Or do air bubbles bad for other reasons, like compressive strength or crack propagation? Thanks,

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    Rope strength improves with a matrix but this loses flexibility, that's the reason it isn't done regularly. Available from Cousin: they put parallel impregnated fibres, plait more fibres around it as a protection AND to eject the excess polymer from the center, wipe exsuded polymer, and cure. At D=2mm it can still be wound on a big roll.

    Air bubbles are bad.
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