What is Chemical engineer: Definition and 24 Discussions

In the field of engineering, a chemical engineer is a professional, equipped with the knowledge of chemical engineering, who works principally in the chemical industry to convert basic raw materials into a variety of products and deals with the design and operation of plants and equipment. In general, a chemical engineer is one who applies and uses principles of chemical engineering in any of its various practical applications; these often include

design, manufacture, and operation of plants and machinery in industrial chemical and related processes ("chemical process engineers");
development of new or adapted substances for products ranging from foods and beverages to cosmetics to cleaners to pharmaceutical ingredients, among many other products ("chemical product engineers"); and
development of new technologies such as fuel cells, hydrogen power and nanotechnology, as well as working in fields wholly or partially derived from chemical engineering such as materials science, polymer engineering, and biomedical engineering.This can include working of geophysical projects such as rivers, stones, and signs

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  1. cookiemnstr510510

    Programs Aspiring Chemical Engineer Q's

    Hello All! I am an aspiring chemical engineer. I am currently finishing my sophomore year at community college. I live in California and will be transferring to SJSU, Berkeley or Davis this Fall. I have some questions for chemical engineers, teachers, grad students, or anyone who has more...
  2. G

    Grace Jimenez is the name, chemical engineering is the game

    Hey Everyone! I'm Grace and I'm in my first year at Santa Monica College and I hope I can talk to people who have made it through all the years of schooling to make it as a chemical engineer. It would also be nice if you lived in the Los Angeles area for possibly an in-person interview but it...
  3. D

    Engineering Chemical vs Mechanical Engineering

    I am a high school senior caught between these two fields. they both seem very exciting and I am not sure which would be better suited for my interests. In high school, my favorite subjects have been Physics, Chemistry, and Computer Science. I am interested in working to develop: -more...
  4. J

    Engineering How hard to get an entry chemical engineering position?

    I am a nontraditional applicant with a bachelor's degree in neuroscience. I am almost finished a master's degree in chemical engineering, but many jobs that I wish to apply to have a "bachelor's of engineering" as a requirement. And a master's as only a "preference." Would these companies still...
  5. B

    Engineering Career advice for a Chemical Engineer graduating in 2016?

    Hi all, my name is Brandon and I'm new to these forums I'm going into my 5th year at university and am majoring in Chemical Engineering. From my understanding, those who choose to go into industry after graduating are usually in process, petroleum, etc. However, I am rather more interested...
  6. P

    Chem undergrad thinking of doing masters in chem engineering

    Hello, I'm new here and this is my first thread - apologies if I seem forward with my questioning, I really just want some opinions on my issue from people other than friends and family. I've recently finished my second year of undergraduate chemistry, and have received numerous recommendations...
  7. V

    Engineering Advancement as a Chemical Engineer

    Hey All, I'm a process engineer with a background in chemical engineering, working in the food/beverage/distilled spirits industry. I have a BS, and am considering pursuing both PE certification, and a part-time MS in ChemE while I work to improve my job prospects/salary. Are either of these...
  8. R

    Overall rate of reactions of decomposition of dimethyl ether

    Hi Guys, I'm solving this for almost a week, this is a part of our probset in chemical kinetics: The thermal decomposition of dimethyl ether: CH3OCH3 ---K1--> CH3' + OCH3' CH3' + CH3OCH3 ---K2--> CH4 + CH2OCH3' CH2OCH3' + --k3---> CH3' + HCHO CH3' + CH2OCH3' ---k4--> C2H5OCH3 using steady-state...
  9. sunshine1025

    Food Chemist vs. Chemical Engineer- Help

    First, thank you for taking the time to read this. I need some guidance as I am inventing somewhat of a new edible product. Curious as to if someone can point me in the right direction for the type of chemist I should actually be looking for. At first I was under the impression that it would be...
  10. S

    Should I be a Mechanical Engineer or a Chemical Engineer?

    Hey guys, I'm 16 this year and I've already decided to be an engineer. it's just i don't know what type i want to become. I am leaning towards mechanical engineering more because i heard you get to break things apart and assemble them. and it's the most diverse engineering branch. i...
  11. U

    Did you become a chemical engineer for the money?

    I've posted questions on other forums asking people why they became engineers, and the majority of people claimed they did it because of a passion for building things, interested in how things work, etc. However, when doing a search on this forum, I stumbled upon this thread...
  12. L

    Websites to put an ad to hire a temporary chemical engineer

    I would like to know if you can tell me the name of websites where I can put an ad to recruit a temporary chemical engineer. I am looking for an alcohol technologist who can make the drawings of a small distillery for the production of extra neutral alcohol at 96.2% for beverages. The raw...
  13. O

    Is it possible to work with pharmaceuticals as a chemical engineer?

    I am a high school senior, probably attending University of South Florida next year. Chemistry is my favorite subject and I am interested in working with pharmaceuticals, designing drugs and drug delivery systems, etc. I don't think I would like to do pre-pharm and go to pharmacy school, as I...
  14. A

    Research Advice for a Chemical Engineer

    Is there anyway I can satisfy my thirst for discovering something about nature (anything as long as it raw origins from nature, a fluid counts; regardless of its real-world applications) by researching or pursuing a phd in ChemE for instance integrating it with its 'physics-based' roots. It...
  15. S

    Probably getting a C in Calc 2. Can I still become a chemical engineer?

    I am really starting to doubt myself, which sucks because it's what I want to do. Should I retake? Can I move on and be ok? (I did fine in the integrating part, but not so much in series/sequences)
  16. C

    Engineering Should I become a chemical engineer?

    Right now I am in chemical engineering, as a freshman, and am taking my first ChE course which involves material and energy balances. I am right now, on my spring break, still trying to understand the topics because its just not coming to me. I am working problem after problem and I usually keep...
  17. C

    Should I become a chemical engineer?

    Right now I am in chemical engineering, as a freshman, and am taking my first ChE course which involves material and energy balances. I am right now, on my spring break, still trying to understand the topics because its just not coming to me. I am working problem after problem and I usually keep...
  18. A

    Chemical Engineer Ammonia Problem

    Homework Statement Ammonia NH3 is made by the haber process: N2 + 3H2 --> 2NH3 The nitrogen required for this process is obtained from air by using the air to burn natural gas CH4 , thereby removing the oxygen from the air, leaving behind only nitrogen. The hydrogen required is obtained...
  19. D

    Mechanical or Chemical Engineer?

    Hey guys, I've been going back and forth through all possible physical science majors (math, physics, ALL engineering disciplines, etc.) and I think I've narrowed my choice down to two possibilities. As you can tell from the title, they are Mechanical Engineering or Chemical Engineering...
  20. C

    Engineering Quantum physicist vs Nuclear Physicist vs Chemical Engineer

    I have been planning on dual majoring as a nuclear physicist and also a chemical engineer. I was going to be the chemical engineer until I could get a good job as a nuclear physicist. This changed though when I started learning about quantum mechanics and I realized how much I enjoy it. I like...
  21. D

    Chemical Engineering: Career Info & Opportunities

    Hello all, I am currently a physics major and may be looking to switch to some sort of engineering. I have been reading up on chemical engineering and this looks like a very interesting field of study. I was wondering if there were any chem engineers here and how they felt about their field...
  22. K

    Why did you become a chemical engineer

    Hello I'm a last year student in chemical engineering at the KUL and I'm having difficulties finding a job. (sounds ridiculous I know) At each interview people ask me why I began my studies as chemical engineer and why I chose chemistry instead of mechanics, electronics, building... I...
  23. J

    Programs Chemical Engineer Major: Math vs Chemistry for Employment

    Hello all. I am currently in my first year of a chemical engineering program and I was talking to someone in the Chemical Engineering section of this forum and he said that partial differential equations is very important for Chem E's. He actually said that I should not even thing about...
  24. O

    Chemical engineer how useful would FORTRAN be

    As a chemical engineer how useful would FORTRAN be to me. It is listed on the University of Florida's ChemE homepage as a good language, but I have heard it is on its way out. All Comments Welcome