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Overall rate of reactions of decomposition of dimethyl ether

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    Hi Guys, i'm solving this for almost a week, this is a part of our probset in chemical kinetics:
    The thermal decomposition of dimethyl ether:
    CH3OCH3 ---K1--> CH3' + OCH3'
    CH3' + CH3OCH3 ---K2--> CH4 + CH2OCH3'
    CH2OCH3' + --k3---> CH3' + HCHO
    CH3' + CH2OCH3' ---k4--> C2H5OCH3

    using steady-state assumption and usual approximations of small initiation and termination coefficients show that

    -d[CH3OCH3]/dt = Ko [CH3OCH3]^n

    i tried to solved this but up until now i really don't have an idea how come that the right expression will have '^n' factor?

    please guys please help me thanks
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    Quantum Defect

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    Please show us what you tried.

    What were your approximations for the various k's?
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