1. M

    Chernobyl HBO Chernobyl physics questions

    Just finished that amazing HBO series "Chernobyl". As a physicist I am very much impressed by the explanation given by Legasov in the last episode. Especially the part he clarifies how the reactor was in an unstable equilibrium minutes before the event with nearly all the rods pulled out but...
  2. P

    Chernobyl Alternative to generators to prevent the Chernobyl disaster

    The only material that I used to get this information is Wikipedia: I don't know if that's reliable enough...
  3. S

    Chernobyl and steam explosions

    Hello I must do a report on Chernobyl: before, during and after. I have all I need except for a clear and simple explanation of how steam explosions work in this regard. All the online sites I've been on provide information that is too advanced, and as a non native English speaker, the...
  4. Mackenzie Cobb

    Chernobyl Cesium 137 Half-Life vs. Chernobyl Contamination

    Let me start out by saying that I have no idea what I'm talking about. I graduated from Indiana University with a Bachelor's in Spanish, and I work as a Loan Review Specialist at a bank, which has NOTHING to do with my degree, and still yet nothing to do with this topic. But lately, I've become...
  5. J

    Chernobyl Interesting new paper on Chernobyl According to this paper, two nuclear explosions and one steam explosion took place.
  6. L

    I Chernobyl Dose Model & Estimates

    Hello all, I've been tasked with developing a model for dose received from the Chernobyl Accident. I'm struggling a little to find dose estimates from which I can extrapolate back to find the initial dose received. Does anyone have any references that they can point me towards? I believe there...
  7. M

    Chernobyl Contributing factors towards Chernobyl accident

    Hi, recently I'm doing some reading up on the Chernobyl accident, then I came across what INSAG-7 reported in their findings to be contributing factors leading up to the accident. I've understood that mainly the design of the reactor core and the control rods played a huge part in it. However...
  8. J

    What are radioactive particles?

    I visited Chernobyl recently with a tourist company, having read that the radiation levels that I would be exposed to were okay for a limited amount of time. I learned on the trip however, that the greatest risk consisted in getting contaminated particles in your body. The guide took us around...
  9. K

    Chernobyl How did this worker approach this fuel mass at Chernobyl?

    I accidentally happened upon this photo while researching some things about the 1986 Chernobyl nuclear disaster and I freaked out! How did this worker get so close to this mass of melted nuclear fuel in the basement of Chernobyl without receiving several lethal doses of radiation? This mass of...