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B. Medvedev Chernobyl Notebook

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    G. Medvedev "Chernobyl Notebook"

    This is the best book about Chernobyl, in my opinion. I read and reread it many times back then in 1990s when it was first published. It gives both a good technical description about the disaster timeline and causes per se, and also it provides an eyewitness account of post-disaster efforts.

    I think it might be much less well known in English-speaking world. I found that there is a free translation online:


    (I edited a typo in the post: "B. Medvedev" -> "G. Medvedev", but the thread list still shows wrong title. If possible, can moderators fix it too?)
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    Re: B. Medvedev "Chernobyl Notebook"

    Thanks that will be an interesting reading... to be read as soon as possible
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    Re: B. Medvedev "Chernobyl Notebook"

    Yes, thanks from me too. Looks like an excellent read.
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    Re: B. Medvedev "Chernobyl Notebook"

    Damn interesting and revealing.

    This book has been published in German in the 1990s under the title "Verbrannte Seelen", but the german version is shorter (lacking many of the testimonies of all these people interviewed). So I found quite many new details I didn't know of before.

    Thanks for finding and posting this!
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    Re: B. Medvedev "Chernobyl Notebook"

    Thanks for the link
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    Re: B. Medvedev "Chernobyl Notebook"

    A remarkable read (a good use of a spare weekend). There were many heores of Chernobyl and (in time) we will get to know the heores of Fukushima Daiichi too. The author is one of those heroes.

    This account is somehow awe inspiring and humbling at the same time. Please take the time to read it.
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    Re: B. Medvedev "Chernobyl Notebook"

    I recall reading it a while ago (in original). A very good book indeed.
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    I'm sorry, but you're wrong.
    The book has a lot of technical inaccuracies and outright lies ..,
    Then regurgitate giving the lie for the truth.
    Writing the book was in the depths of the KGB to improve the image of the RBMK reactor designers.
    And that would tarnish the operating personnel.
    We are well aware that the staff was not "white and fluffy", but they were not such idiots as they were described in the book.
    The blame for the catastrophe at Chernobyl lies mostly on the designers of the reactor.
    The author of the book was in Chernobyl 10 years before the disaster, and to eliminate the effects he has very little to do....

    In our time, the official version here

    A report by the International Nuclear Safety Advisory Group
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    Bool sheet.

    First. The author visited Chernobyl in May 1986.

    Second. The book is not focused on assigning the blame, rather on recording eyewitness accounts during and after the event, and based on them, trying to figure out what happened. The description of technical aspects of accident is remarcably accurate.

    Book does not focus on whether *RBMK design* is flawed or not; hewever, it does mention that it has positive void coefficient, which is bad.
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    Thanks, but please update the link.

    Thanks very much, I hope it is the same book the thread maker voted for. Regards
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    Yes, it is the book.
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    jim hardy

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    Thanks !
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