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Homework Help: Chernobyl accident vs candu 3 reactor

  1. Apr 25, 2007 #1
    Quick question i'm having a hard time finding much information, or at least information i'm absorbing. I'm just supposed to write a paragraph on:

    Could the same accident at Chernobyl happen in a CANDU 3 reactor?

    Anything to help get me started anyone?
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    everyone stumped like me
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    Andrew Mason

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    The Nuclear Engineering board might be a better place to find your answer.

    You would have to compare the containment structures for both reactors. Since Chernobyl was being shut-down when it had a melt-down, you may want to compare the shut-down process for both reactors. Chernobyl was a "loss of coolant" melt-down you may wish to compare the methods of each for preventing loss of coolant.

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    http://canteach.candu.org/library/19910101.pdf [Broken]

    read the above.
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