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  1. Silverhobbiest

    I Significant Physical/Chemical Change Found by Sign Reversal?

    We know that "plastic" and "glass" charges were arbitrarily assigned to be negative and positive respectively, and electrons and protons were given their charges based upon that assignment (According to Randall D. Knight in Physics for Scientists and Engineers). I am curious if any significant...
  2. devilish_wit

    Short conceptual question on Work, Energy and Forces

    Homework Statement (Please check the attached image) 2. Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution Those are my answers. I thought the magnitude of the applied force would be bigger because that would be responsible of keeping the block on that spot without having it pulled back by the...
  3. C

    What is conceptual physics?

    I have been wondering, what is conceptual physics? I remember taking a class in high school that was physics oriented, for example two trains leave a station at different speeds, and arrive at a central point, where do they overlap. Also there were trig functions on how to find the height of a...
  4. F

    I A1v1=a2v2? pressure and velocity are inversely proportional?

    If Bernoulli's equation P + 1/2ρv2 + ρgh = constant, implying that pressure decreases as velocity increases, and the Venturi effect states that a1v1 = a2v, what resolves this apparent contradiction? The velocity slows as the cross sectional area increases, but a narrower pipe would have greater...
  5. F

    B Real image appears in front of the mirror?

    Is there a simple way to determine or prove this? Real images are always inverted, and unlike virtual images can be projected onto a screen (I'm not even sure what this means to be honest). If I look at the back end of a spoon (convex mirror), the image is always upright and therefore virtual...