What is Dc-dc converter: Definition and 16 Discussions

A DC-to-DC converter is an electronic circuit or electromechanical device that converts a source of direct current (DC) from one voltage level to another. It is a type of electric power converter. Power levels range from very low (small batteries) to very high (high-voltage power transmission).

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  1. og_ogun_srvs

    Current or Power Reference Tracking with Power Electronics Converters

    Hi. This is my first post. Thanks to all who give it a look. I am working on an application that has very stringent power output requirements. There is a rechargeable battery that I am trying to manage through a bi-directional boost/buck converter as is typical of many modern-day electric...
  2. S

    Why is chaos more studied in dc-dc converters compared to other circuits?

    Why is chaos only more studied in dc-dc converters and not in other nonlinear circuits, such as, rectifiers?
  3. S

    What is the reason for harmonics in dc-dc converter?

    There is a nonlinear switch in every dc-dc converter.Is it the reason of harmonics in output voltage?
  4. srinaath

    Understanding inductive kickback in boost converter

    please correct me if i am worng with the understading of inductive kickback,"voltage polarity across inductor will be such that it opposes the source voltage"... inductive kickback occurs when there is sudden change in current through the inductor... in that case inductor voltage will go very...
  5. OtherRealm

    5v to ≈70v dc-dc converter in the 1w range?

    I am looking to find a 5v to ≈70v dc-dc converter in the 1w range or the equivalent transformer + diodes. This is for a bio stimulation device and I need a high voltage and low amperage. However, not having spent years researching and buying electrical components, I'm a little uncertain where...
  6. T

    How Does Mark-Space Ratio Affect Boost Converter Performance?

    Homework Statement I have recently learned about the boost SMPS and and have built a circuit to investigate the waveforms and levels for Vout, [L] and [C] for different mark space ratios. the circuit consists of a 95uH inducotr, diode, 47uF cap, 70 Ohm load, a FET who's gate is controlled...
  7. G

    Buck dc-dc Converter w/Control System Analysis

    Homework Statement I'm given the following circuit http://imageshack.com/a/img850/8576/b3ny.png and given L, V_{in}, D, P_{o}, f_{s} and q(t). How do I go about finding T_{s}, V_{a}, i_{L}, i_{L} ripple, and I_{o}. Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution I'm honestly not sure how to...
  8. jegues

    DC-DC Converter for Gate Driver Circuitry (Electric Motorcycle)

    Evening all, I'm trying to pick out a suitable DC-DC Converter for our low power gate driver circuitry and I'm unsure about a number of different things. First some background on the circuitry and what the DC-DC Converter is needed for. To date, we've designed, built and tested a low...
  9. Tesladude

    Audio power supply using DC-DC converter

    So I have been using some small audio amplifier ics in the tda series because they are good and easy to use but I have never had to power one with more than 24v. I am wanting to look into using a chip that requires about 35-40v supply but I can't find a transformer that is past 24v and am not...
  10. H

    Calculating Flux density in a DC-DC converter coil

    Hello Everyone. I am working on a DC-DC converter design which uses a transformer with an additional inductive element on the secondary side. The coil charges a large capacitor. Since there is an additional inductive element on the secondary side the inductive element builds up a field...
  11. jegues

    Buck/Boost DC-DC Converter Discontinuous Conduction Mode

    EDIT: I have updated the original post to make my confusion more clear! Hello all, Attached below are the pages from my textbook for which I am concerned. On page 245 we can calculate the average inductor current as follows, I_{L} = \frac{1}{2}I_{max}(D+D_{1}) Now what I thought an...
  12. jegues

    DC-DC Converter (Switching Converter)

    Homework Statement See figure below. Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution See the 3 other figures attached for my attempt at the solution. (Parts (a), (b) & (c)) Does anyone spot any mistakes in my work?
  13. jegues

    Buck Converter Questions (DC-DC Converter)

    Homework Statement See first figure for lab attachment Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution Hello all, I recently did a lab on buck converters and I have a couple a questions. See the figures attached for lab and my work. For Experiment 1: The measured quantities for part b)...
  14. cepheid

    DC-DC converter that can handle reverse current for motors

    I have a stepper motor with built-in controller/servo system that requires a supply voltage of 24 VDC +/- 10%. The problem is, the power system I'm using is a lead-acid battery that is normally maintained at a top up voltage of 27 V to 28 V, which exceeds the upper limit motor input. Most of the...
  15. S

    Two questions about dc-dc converter.

    I'm not so familiar with dc-dc converters. Here are my two questions, maybe stupid ;) 1. How to get a steady 3.3v from 3 alkaline batteries whose output goes from 4.5v to 3v? Are buck-boost converters designed do this job? 2. How to estimate the input current of a dc-dc converter given...
  16. K

    Help PWM DC Chopper (DC-DC Converter)

    Hi guys, i need help on my assignment. The problem i have is reading the output of this IC chip (UC3524). Apparently you can't just connect an oscilloscope to the output and get a reading. My teacher said something about using transistor? Here is the IC chip's schematic...