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  1. Awais088

    Why OMP is iterative? Can we find the support in one step?

    In OMP why the 'support' of the received signal is not found in one step, by selecting the $K$ maximum correlated columns of the sensing matrix $A$? where $K$ is the sparsity of the signal. Like in MATLAB [val ind] = sort(A'*Y); %Y is received signal signal_Support = ind(1:K)...
  2. N

    How to compute the location of the antenna when I rotate it?

    Hi group, I have a question regarding to detect the location of the antenna. I read this link: In the "Complex exponential form" part, the equation: U(r,t) = U0 * exp(j*(k.r - w*t) as the function of location and time U0 = A0 * exp(j*phi) : A0 and...
  3. N

    How to calculate standard deviation from the delay?

    I am trying to calculate the unit vector and standard deviation of the signal. I hope everyone can give me ideas. Here is my scenario: I have 2 rx channels: - f is channel 1 with the length 1x256 complex, then FFT. - g is channel 2 with the length 1x256 complex, then FFT. - from f and g, I can...
  4. N

    How to detect multipath?

    Hi everyone, I am a new engineer just work in the real industry, so I would like to collect more experience from the real project. I am working on the Multipath problem, but I've not done before in the University, and really do not know how to solve it. During the discussion from the...
  5. Simon Hauser

    Very tricky Solar-Module Disconnecting Problem

    My non-ee boss gave me a design assignment I'm not sure is physically possible. I work at a solar panel manufacturing company. He wants me to essentially add a device to the mc4 connectors between modules which would allow disconnecting each module in a string from one another. He wants this...
  6. G

    Frame Synchronisation via Modified Approach to Bit Insertion

    Homework Statement I am currently embarking on a project which requires me to design a system where I can transmit voice over a distance, by inputting an analog voice signal on one end and then recovering the voice which I input on the transmitting end at the receiving end. The general design...
  7. C

    Equation of SNR versus sigma square for BPSK

    I would like to know in the following equation (attached) how can I incorporate BER for BPSK? is BER the same as Rc? The equation is relation between SNR and sigma square.