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  1. realMelody

    Mass of a precipitate: solubility and Ksp in a chemical reaction

    I have a question related to solubility and Ksp in a chemical reaction. I don't want to seek answers to a specific homework problem, but I'm genuinely stuck and seeking a deeper understanding of the concept. Can someone please explain the process for determining the mass of a precipitate in a...
  2. G

    How to find the equilibrium position of three masses (two of them fixed)?

    Question: Suppose that two bodies of masses m1 and m2 are a fixed distance d apart, and that both of them act on a third body of mass m. Find the position of the third body such that the two forces are in equilibrium. I have solved this question and obtained the answer listed in the back of the...
  3. tbn032

    Chemistry Confusion in relation of Gibbs free energy and equilibrium constant

    SO2(g)+1/2O2(g)⇌SO3(g);ΔHo=-98.32KJ/mole,ΔSo=-95J/(mole-K). find Kp at 298 Kelvin? In given question at first Δ G will be calculated using formula ΔG = Δ H – T x ΔS, by putting the given values in formula we get ΔG = -70.01 kJ/mol. Then Keq will be calculated using equation = Δ G = -RT ln Keq...
  4. tbn032

    Problem regarding vapour density of a mixture

    The vapour density of N204 at certain temperature is 30. Calculate the percentage of dissociation of N204 at this temperature. N2O4(g)⇌2NO2(g)? I am unable to understand the concept behind vapour density of the mixture. Currently, I understand that 2 x vapour density=molar mass. Vapour density =...
  5. G

    How to find the forces in a particular framework of light rods

    Could I please ask for help in how to do this question. Is it in fact well formed, can it be solved as it is or do I need more information? Q. Find the external forces and the force in each rod in the following framework of light rods which is supported and A and C: So, I need to find Fa...
  6. Tapias5000

    How can I solve these two physics problems? (equilibrium and moment)

    I tried to solve it and I got the following is it correct? and 2 My solution... is a negative distance?
  7. bardia sepehrnia

    Statics problem (moment and equilibrium)

    1. Having really hard time understanding the concept of moment and equilibrium in statics. In the following picture the man is carrying a 6kg uniform rigid board. I'm asked to calculate the amount of force the man feels on his shoulder. (at point A) Now I know I'm supposed to start by making...
  8. J

    Proving stable equilibrium: Rotating circular hoop

    Homework Statement A circular hoop of radius R rotates with angular frequency ω about a vertical axis coincident with its diameter. A bead of mass m slides frictionlessly under gravity on the hoop. Let θ be the bead’s angular position relative to the vertical (so that θ = 0 corresponds to the...
  9. Muhammad Danish

    Calculating Force in the Turning Effect of Force Equation

    Homework Statement Homework Equations How do we calculate the value of F? The Attempt at a Solution Since for an object to be in equilibrium, F1D1 = F2D2 so 7.2 x 1 = F x 8 F = 0.9N, I am pretty much confused with the answer I worked out. If I am wrong or if I am right, please explain me the...
  10. X

    Why does water seek its own level?

    I was looking online for some solution to my question, and they varied from explaining it using potential energy to pressure equalization between the floor of the liquid between the bases. I still cannot seem to find my groove with this one. Tackling the pressure explanation, someone said that...
  11. J

    Magnitude & Direction of Resultant Force & Equilibrant Force

    Homework Statement I need help as to how to find the magnitude and direction of the resultant force, and the equilibrant force. Any and all help is greatly appreciate as I'm stressing myself out over it and I'm not sure what to do. Thanks, Jamie. Homework Equations First question...
  12. P

    Calculating center of gravity of a pole

    Homework Statement A horizontal pole is made of 8 pieces, 1 meter apart each. Forces that do not act at the ends are shown in the picture. The pole does not rotate, and weighs 20N. a. What is the sum of forces applied on the pole? b. Where is it applied? c. What are the forces at the ends...
  13. B

    Net force =0 or Net force =GM^2/4R^2....?

    Two stars of equal mass M move with constant speed V in a circular orbital of radius R about their common center of mass .What is the net force on each star?the answer to this question was net force=GM^2/4R^2 .I want to ask that why net force not equal to zero although it is in translational...
  14. V

    A Question about Chemical Equilibrium

    say we have a reaction: N2O4 <====> 2NO2 for this reaction,if initial number of moles of N2O4 is 'a' can we write t = 0 a - at equilbrium a-x...
  15. V

    How Do You Solve Ionic Equilibrium Problems in Chemistry?

    Homework Statement please see the attached image 1998 ,b part question [/B]Homework Equations none The Attempt at a Solution i thought that Agcl would give Ag+ and cl- ions whose concentration can be found from Ksp as √Ksp,this Ag+ reacts with NH3 to give Ag(NH3)2+ (reverse of the given...
  16. K

    How Much Friction is Needed to Keep the Ladder in Place?

    Homework Statement A 5.00-m long uniform ladder leans against a smooth wall and its base rests on a rough floor. The ladder has a mass of 18.0 kg and its base is a distance of 2.30 m from the wall. A person of mass 70.0 kg climbs 2.50 m up the ladder. If the ladder is to remain in place, what...
  17. Jonski

    Calculating Reaction Force at A for a Beam with Pin Joint | Beam Homework

    Homework Statement Calculate the reaction force at A? Homework Equations ΣMb = 0 The Attempt at a Solution As there is a pin joint at B it is possible to consider the bar only from A-B. From here I applied ΣMb = 0 120 + 20*2 + Ay*4 = 0 This gives Ay = -40kn Also since there are no forces in...
  18. C

    Symbolic relationship between the input and output load

    Homework Statement A testing device has the applied load located at the end of a loading bar. The loading bar is connected by a pin to the post. Find the symbolic relationship between the applied load(the "input" load) and the effective load applied the specimen(the "output" load). Homework...
  19. K

    Stable Equilibrium of Stacked Hemispheres

    Homework Statement A solid hemisphere of radius b has its flat surface glued to a horizontal table. A second solid hemisphere of different radius a rests on top of the first one so that the curved surfaces are in contact. The surfaces of the hemispheres are rough (meaning that no slipping occurs...
  20. K

    Calculating Forces on a Uniform Platform in Equilibrium: Physics Problem

    a person stands a distance of 0.300 meters from the right end of a 2.00 meter long uniform platform that is supported by two posts, one at each end. The board has a mass of 20.0 kg and the person's mass is 75.0 kg. a. determine the force exterted on the board by the post on the left end...