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Approximately Infinite Universe is a double album by Yoko Ono, released in early 1973 on Apple Records. It represents a departure from the experimental avant garde rock of her first two albums towards a more conventional pop/rock sound, while also dabbling in feminist rock. It peaked at number 193 in the United States. The 1997 CD reissue on Rykodisc added two acoustic demos of songs from this era, that were later released on 1981's Season of Glass. It was released again by Rykodisc in 2007.The album was recorded at The Record Plant in New York City, except for the basic tracks for "Catman" and "Winter Song", which were taped at Butterfly Studios. Ono produced the album with John Lennon, whose participation marked a rare music-related activity for him after the failure of the couple's politically themed 1972 double album Some Time in New York City. Lennon also sang the final verse of the song, "I Want My Love to Rest Tonight." As on the latter album, Ono used the New York band Elephant's Memory as her backing musicians. Mick Jagger dropped into the studio for some of the sessions. He recalled playing guitar very loudly with Lennon. Jagger also said that Ono "was really trying to sing properly. She's not screaming, she's really trying to sing."

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  1. H

    A Largest Galaxy In An Infinite Universe

    Let's suppose that the universe is infinite and the size of galaxies is normally distributed. Then there is no largest galaxy. Conclusion : the size is not normally distributed. The same is true for any distribution that has a positive probability for all possibilities. So that can't be the...
  2. Buzz Bloom

    I Question re flat infinite universe with a preferred direction

    The implication seems to be that from the beginning of the post expansion era, there was everywhere an average velocity of a large volume of matter which was (very near) zero everywhere with respect to a common fixed coordinate system (with a spacially uniform time expansion of distances)...
  3. TheHeraclitus

    B Is an infinite universe compatible with cyclic models?

    Cyclic models for reference. I will take simple Big Bounce as an example of what I have in mind. In Big Bounce there periods of expansion and periods of contraction which result in a never-ending series of Big Bangs. However if Universe is infinite in extent this would require infinite amount...
  4. D

    I On the assumption of an infinite universe

    In the standard framework of ideas about cosmology, is it possible to have a universe that is infinite in extent?
  5. weezy

    I A copy of me in an infinite universe

    This question on quora discusses whether an infinite universe would allow for a repetition of patterns and arrangements of matter. The top answer gives a very convincing argument as to why this would be impossible because, he reasons, that spacetime is causally connected. However if the universe...
  6. S

    B How can the Universe grow if it is infinite?

    Our general understanding of the universe is that it is infinite, so how can it be growing? If the universe is everything then what is it growing into?
  7. L

    I Infinite Universe from Dimensionless SIngularity

    A significant number of physicists today postulate that the universe we reside in is infinite in size. It's also thought that if we extrapolate back in time to the big bang that the universe was a singularity of infinite density. Singularities are commonly thought of as a dimensionless point...
  8. Einstein's Cat

    Infinite Universe: Can It Ever End?

    Could an infinite Universe ever end?
  9. M

    B How is the Big Bang compatible with an infinite universe?

    I have very little understanding of the Big Bang, but it seems like it would require a finite universe even though there seems to be a scientific consensus that an infinite universe is a strong possibility. How are these ideas compatible? If space started expanding from a small point at a finite...
  10. newjerseyrunner

    Would an infinite universe has a finite diameter?

    I know that space is expanding, so the further away you go from my location, the faster space is expanding, asymptomatically approaching the speed of light. I also know that as relative velocities approach the speed of light, the length of space contracts. From this I come up with a limit for...
  11. Rupert Young

    How do we know the universe is infinite?

    In this documentary they discussed some research experiments which concluded that the universe is infinite. I didn't really understand it. Can someone explain how we know that the universe is infinite? Wouldn't this also mean that the universe was infinite at the big bang?
  12. RyanH42

    Infinite Universe and Parallel Universes

    If we suppose universe is infinite than there will be no parallel universes.So I know that If ##Ω_k##→Universe will be infinite.Then there will be no parallel universes cause there's one universe. I am confused.Is that mean the parallel universe idea is wrong ?
  13. slatts

    What does a temporally infinite universe imply?

    In their admirably bold Dec. 2014 paper "Cosmology from quantum potential", Ali and Das claim that a reformulation of General Relativity, using Bohmian quantal trajectories in place of geodesics, tentatively confirms that the universe is of infinite age and had no beginning. I'm grateful to...
  14. M

    Infinite universe but finite beginning?

    As far as i understand the current big bang theory, it started as a extremely dense object, finite in size. But we still think (or well it is very accepted to belive) that the universe is infinite. I know inflation should be though as an expansion everywhere at the same time rather than the ball...
  15. Z

    Infinite Universe: What does it mean?

    I know some folks may get tired of questions about the finite/infinite scope of the universe. Sorry for that. But as you know, many concepts are hard to wrap one's head around. Let me make my question as clear as possible from the outset: -I am NOT asking whether the universe is infinite or...
  16. A

    The Probability of an Infinite Universe

    For every infinite value, there are an infinity of values less than it that are finite (since infinity minus one equals infinity). So wouldn't a huge but finite universe with very slight, undetectable curvature be infinitely more probable than an infinite flat universe? If that is so, let's...
  17. C

    An infinite universe with shape?

    Please excuse my ignorance on the topic but I just thought of something which seems to make sense to me but then again I have no experience in cosmology. Just some points I want to clarify. Because the universe had a starting point, can it's size be infinite? If so could the universe be a...
  18. guywithdoubts

    Infinite universe and energy/matter boundaries

    I know that although there are alternatives to this model (such as the torus model) most observations fit with the classic flat infinite universe, which is what I'd like to inquire about. If I understood properly, it means that the Universe has no boundaries whatsoever and, were it possible...
  19. T

    Infinite universe from a finite start

    Hello, I have a question about the character of the universe today and its early state. As I understand it there is no consensus as to whether the universe today (the whole universe, not the observable) is infinite, finite, or finite but looped in on itself. It seems to me to follow that if...
  20. howabout1337

    Unfathomable Possibilities of an Infinite Universe

    I was watching a video about how if the universe is infinite, that there is a possibility there is another galaxy exactly like ours and doing the same thing. Every possibility that I can imagine of do exist if the universe is infinite. Then I imagined me from another universe visiting me...
  21. R

    An infinite universe is necessarily in expansion

    What do you think of this argument? Lets suppose an infinite and eternal universe that is homogenous on a large scale. Since there is no privileged inertial reference frame, regardless of the chosen inertial reference frame, the observed statistical velocity distribution of matter is nearly...
  22. F

    The existence of point particles and an infinite universe

    It seems to me that the question as to whether the universe is infinite or not carries the same validity as the question as to electron, quarks, etc. being infinitesimal or otherwise stated being modeled as point particles. It seems to me that these two quandaries are linked and perhaps can...
  23. M

    An infinite universe can expand?

    Is it true that the universe can be infinitely large but still expand, so that at every particular moment in time the universe is infinitely large, but then becomes 100 light years larger for every second that time goes on for example? For example \infty+100=\infty I know infinity isn't a...
  24. N

    Infinite Universe, All Combinations of Matter Exist

    Hello, I heard a scientist on the radio claiming that, if the universe is infinite, that all possible combinations of matter/energy exist somewhere in that infinite-ness. So, for example, as I sit typing, I am wearing a gray sweater. As I understand it, somewhere in the infinite universe I...
  25. Crazymechanic

    Infinite Universe: Exploring the Concepts of Infinity and Expansion

    Hi, Merry Christmas everyone! If universe is infinite doesn't that violate the second thermodynamics? Because that means there would infinite amounts of matter and/or energy in the universe? Even if all the stars would come to end up like neutron stars white dwarfs or black holes which...
  26. K

    Infinite universe and big bang singularity

    Hello. Cosmologists leave open the possibility that the universe as a whole may be infinitely big. My question is, does that mean that the entire infinite universe was compressed into the initial singularity? And how can a universe go from a singularity to being infinitely big in a finite time?
  27. C

    Spatially infinite universe

    guys I am quite interesting when some people talk about flat geometry universe they also relate this to spatially infinite universe.. well i don't fully grasp the idea, but i try to imagine, when bigbang happened in infinite space, from observation scientist say there is no aether..they...
  28. F

    Infinite universe x Deceleration of expansion

    I understand we don't know if the universe is finite or infinite, but I know that in the center of the Earth there is no gravity because the attraction from Earth's gravity is the same on all directions, so the final result is zero. So, if the universe is infinite and matter is equally...
  29. K

    Many worlds in a single infinite universe

    First of all I want to apologize for any incorrect/non-physical terminology. Theoretical physics is not my field (which is neuroscience) and I only have some very basic knowledge in the mathematics of modern physics. Recently I read a couple of popular physics books by Brain Greene and Leonard...
  30. C

    Doesn't the big bang model rule out an infinite universe?

    Greetings, #1 - If all matter energy, and space were concentrated at the big bang, and the universe has been expanding at a finite rate, then why is anything other than a finite universe considered? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shape_of_the_Universe #2 - Also, as discussed in another...
  31. O

    Free energy or an infinite universe, which one is it?

    It seems to me we must pick on or the other when you get right down to it, at the moment theory and evidence suggests free energy is impossible but at the same time the universe supposedly popped into existence so that would also suggest free energy is possible or that the universe/something has...
  32. I

    Universal fractal structure and the infinite universe

    Disclaimer: I am a science buff – not a scientist. I am curious to know if there has ever been a theory developed about the infinite nature of the universe, large and small, relating to a fractal structure. I was pondering fractal subdivision, and how it offers at least the theoretical...
  33. A

    The center of the infinite universe

    I just recently discovered that the sun may be the center of the galaxy and what not, but if the universe is infinite, there is no center. furthermore, dealing with the outer limits of the universe, what is the shape of the universe? it can be a sphere? wouldn't this mean that the terms circle...
  34. T

    Infinite universe filled with uniform dust

    If you had an infinite universe filled with a static, homogeneous, electrically neutral dust, the same in all directions, so that there are no forces to consider other than gravity, what would happen? Would it remain in that static state? I have two ways of thinking about it that lead to...
  35. B

    FLRW Infinite Universe at BB

    Several books have indicated that the Universe was infinite at the time of the BB. This was in "Gravitation" by Misner, et al., as an excercise. This would only be true, according to Misner, with the flat and hyperbolic solutions to GR, not with the spherical solutions. What would the...
  36. D

    Infinite Universe from finite bubble

    I am puzzled with the following explanation of Max Tegmark: http://space.mit.edu/home/tegmark/multiverse.html Check bold Any help?
  37. M

    Why would an infinite universe tend to contract?

    This is a rather long post, but I hope it will get interesting enough along the way to make you more and more interested to keep reading. Otherwise, never mind ;-) I have a seemingly very simple question: why should an infinite universe tend to contract in the absence of a cosmological...
  38. C

    Finite Big Bang, Infinite universe?

    What is wrong with the idea that the Big Bang is a finite structure a million or more times the diameter of the visible universe, and the universe surrounds it in the same way that the visible universe surround the Milky Way? -Cuetek
  39. P

    Believing in an Infinite Universe: Reasons Explored

    I was reading the answers by some scientists (including Krauss) to the question "What do you believe but cannot prove" on edge.org, who say there are good reasons to believe the Universe is infinite. They don't mention what those reasons are, but I was wondering if somebody could comment on...
  40. B

    Exploring the Mystery of an Infinite Universe

    Say you take pi and keep zooming on on a circle. You keep getting more digits but you never actually hit the end of pi. It has been proven to be infinite. But how exactly is something infinite constructed in our universe. It just doesn't make sense to me. Almost as far as saying that the...
  41. P

    Problem with an infinite universe

    if the universe is infinite in size, then wouldn't it have infinite energy contained within it? if so, wouldn't it be possible to create/destroy matter or energy without violating conservation? if ∞ + 10 = ∞ then we can create energy without having more of it?
  42. S

    Big Bang and Infinite Universe Theory

    I just had this crazy idea lately. Isn't it possible that both Big Bang theory and infinite universe theory are correct? Seeing how both time and space were supposedly created during Big Bang and the fact that they are closely related, isn't it possible that as you try to *go back in time*, time...
  43. F

    Infinite universe in expansion

    I sometimes read that we know that the universe is in expansion and that we don't know if the universe is finite or infinite. I have some difficulties to understand the notion of "infinite universe" and to see how an infinite universe could be in expansion. Assume the universe is infinite...
  44. P

    Entire infinite universe

    Does anyone else see the universe this way... The entire infinite universe was necessary to facilitate the creation of life. AKA the entire universe and all its complexity is a prerequisite for life and all of its complexity.. If you give something an infinite number of chances to occur...
  45. J

    Universe: Infinite Nature & Finite Singularity

    Many books say "this model of the universe is infinite in nature" Say the Standard Big Bang Model can be infinite in nature if it has hyperbolic/ flat space. My questions are: 1. how can an infinite universe begin with a finite singularity? 2. a universe with spherical geometry is...
  46. P

    Infinite Universe not possible?

    I think I have read that the universe is or could be infinite. But that is not possible because we know that the Universe started from a Big Bang. And its size has been expanding ever since. At each point in the past through to the present, the Universe measures a finite size with 0 unit of...
  47. S

    Exploring an Infinite Universe: Science & Facts

    I'm wondering if there's science that supports an infinite (in some way) universe
  48. Loren Booda

    Does an infinite universe always repeat its parts?

    Can an infinite universe with infinitesimal detail be nonrepeating?
  49. C

    What Type of Finite or Infinite Universe?

    Following is an entry from Q is for Quantum by John Gribbin. infinity There is more (sometimes less) to infinity for a mathematician than to the person in the street. Science-fiction fans and amateur philosophers may be familiar with the idea that, if the Universe is infinite, then not only...
  50. I

    The Infinite Universe Expands is Inaccurate

    The term "the universe is infinite" is inaccurate considering the fact that the universe is expanding. Definitions 1.)By definition, an "infinite set" is: a set whose cardinal elements are equal to the subset of the [infinite] set. 2.) By definition, the word "universe" is defined as...