What is Ipho: Definition and 34 Discussions

The International Physics Olympiad (IPhO) is an annual physics competition for high school students. It is one of the International Science Olympiads. The first IPhO was held in Warsaw, Poland in 1967.
Each national delegation is made up of at most five student competitors plus two leaders, selected on a national level. Observers may also accompany a national team. The students compete as individuals, and must sit for intensive theoretical and laboratory examinations. For their efforts the students can be awarded gold, silver, or bronze medals or an honourable mention.
The theoretical examination lasts 5 hours and consists of three questions. Usually these questions involve more than one part. The practical examination may consist of one laboratory examination of five hours, or two, which together take up the full five hours.

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  1. itsdavid

    Classical Starting IPhO preparation in grade 10 -- Calculus book suggestions

    STARTING IPHO. Hi guys, I am going to grade 10 this year and wanted to start physics olympiad preparation from basics. I dont know calc 1 too. Can you suggest me a good calculus book to get my hands on? Moreover, is it late to start my preparation? Thanks in advance.
  2. A

    Classical Which problem book to do for Physics Olympiad?

    Hi there, I know this question has been asked a million times but I need some help. Essentially, I am studying for F=MA/UsaPhO with the goal to make camp or IPhO(?) this year. I have begun studying with University Physics with Modern Physics, and yesterday read the first chapter of the E&M...
  3. STEM_nerd

    Other Best physics books for preparing for the IPHO?

    So I have decided to participate in the IPHO in the upcoming years. I searched online but I don't seem to be getting any help on how I should prepare and what books I need to refer to. So please, could you guide me on which books I should refer to for IPHO?
  4. J

    Ipho 1987, thermodynamics problem: Moist air ascending over a mountain range

    I'm struggling with explanation of part 3. I don't know why they are using adiabatic equation while the gas is constantly heated by condensating vapour. While we are deriving adiabatic equation we use the fact, that there is no additional heat put into the system. Thank you in advance.
  5. John10086

    Should I stick to one IPhO paper till I can solve it 100%?

    Summary:: Should I stick to one IPhO paper till I can solve it 100% or keep practing other years IPhO papers Should I stick to one IPhO paper till I can solve it 100% or keep practing other years IPhO papers in order to prepare for the upcoming olympiad in july.
  6. P

    Studying IPHO mechanics study schedule suggestion

    It's 13 week plan. I need your feedback to improve it
  7. P

    What chapters should I study from Kleppner for IPhO?

    What chapters should I study from kleppner for ipho?
  8. Mateus Buarque

    Calculus What Are the Best Multivariable Calculus Books for IPhO Preparation?

    Hi guys, i´m pretty well in calculus 1 and i´m studying for the International Physics Olympiad. So I´d like to know some multivariable calculus books that cover vector calc too, are balanced (proofs are welcome) and emphasizes physical intuitions. Thank you already!
  9. Musti XV

    Experimental preparation for IPHO?

    Hello everyone I am a student in the high school and I join the physics Olympiad's team. I am actually good in theoretical physics but on the other hand I can't do any experiment because I'm very bad in the experimental area. I don't know what I have to do and how, in the first round to choose...
  10. A

    Where can I find lectures on classical mechanics online?

    I am a high school student looking for some amazing lectures online to study classical mechanics for a regional qualifying camp for ipho.
  11. R

    Is it allowed to use graphing calculator in IPHO

    hi everyone i hope you are fine . is it allow to use graphing calculator in ipho physics olympiad
  12. Suhaas Bhat

    Studying How to train for USAPhO and IPhO

    Hi, I am a freshman in high school (going into sophomore next September) and am trying to prepare for the IPhO. I was recommended to use Resnick and Halliday to learn the physics, and am currently doing that. However, I am still unable to solve USAPhO problems in areas that I have covered in...
  13. A

    Is irodov chapter on light the level of Ipho?

    Hi,I am new to this website and this is my first question. I just wanted to ask if irodov's chapter on light is of Ipho level or is it beyond that(that is it for 2nd or 3rd year undergrads) and Aldo what about modern physics. I would have no problem with that but if that is true then I will...
  14. T

    Kleppner & Kolenkow's or David Morin for mechanics (IPhO)

    I've been down to these two books on classical mechanics, and I can decide as to which to choose. I've heard that the David Morin book has rather nice problems, but isn't quite that excellent with the explanations. As for the book by Daniel Kleppner and Robert Kolenkow, it seems to be good with...
  15. Z

    Olympiad Guide for iPHO prep -- suggestions?

    Is it advisable to use Serway-Jewett Physics for scientist and engineers for iPHO prep? What about Young Freedman University physics?
  16. D

    International Physics Olympiad (IPhO): Assistance is needed

    International Physics Olympiad (Preparation)? Hey I'm a Danish student, who will start 11th grade after summer. I intend to get to the International Physics Olympiad 2014. I'm familiar with almost the whole syllabus, but I'm not strong in calculus yet (I know basics of differential...
  17. jaumzaum

    Why Does the IPhO 2012 Problem Assume ΔU=0 in a Collapsing Star Model?

    I was attempting to solve a problem from IPhO 2012, but got in trouble with some concepts. I'd apreaciate if someone could help me Let us model the formation of a star as follows. A spherical cloud of sparse interstellar gas, initially at rest, starts to collapse due to its own gravity. The...
  18. T

    What is the Solution for IPhO 2013 Theoretical Problem 1?

    Homework Statement http://ipho2013.dk/ipho2013-theoretical-problem-1.pdf The Attempt at a Solution Are those correct? 1.1: Velocity in the x direction : v_x=ω_x r=(π*(θ_2-θ_1)*r/180)/Δt r Velocity in the y direction : v_y = ω_y r=(π*θ'_1-θ'_2)*r/180)/Δt Then...
  19. G

    How Can I Prepare for Experimental Problems in the Physics Olympiad?

    I am a student from India i just finished my class 10 exams . I want to appear in IPHO 2014 and IPHO 2015 . So let me tell you what preparations i have done uptill now . I read all the theory and solved almost all problems from resnick/halliday's FOP I am solving problems from IE IRODOV ( i...
  20. N

    Prepare for IPHO 2014-2015: The Best Books for High School Students in India

    So I am an High school student in India Starting grade 11 this year . I want to appear in the IPHO 2014 and 2015 . I have read all theory and solved most of the problems from resnick halliday walker . So for the problem practice i have collected the following books. 1. IE IRODOV PROBLEMS IN...
  21. A

    Ultimate Guide for Last Minute Physics Olympiad Prep: Tips and Suggestions

    i know i am too late. i start my physics olympiad preparation from today.(what to do i know about it today) the first stage is probably 3 months later.give some valuable suggestions. i have completed h c verma and doing university physics and arihants ipho book from today.
  22. N

    IPhO experimental exam preparation

    hey i am from India is there any any good book dealing with problems similar to experimental part of physics olympiad which is available in india. or any site which has videos on physics experiment.
  23. N

    Can I Participate in IPhO and IMO in the Same Year as a New User from India?

    I am a new user from India. can i appear for both IPhO and IMO in the same year. because the probable exam dates not collapse as First stage NSEP is on 25 November 2012 while RMO is on 02 December 2012 , second stage INPhO is on 27 january 2013 while INMO is on 03 february 2013 and the...
  24. S

    IPhO & IMO Prep: Books & Tips for 3-4 Month Prep

    Hi!So,I am going to start my preparations for these olympiads.First round is in Nov-Dec,so I've like 3-4 months max.This is the first time I'm participating in both of these olympiads(And sadly,it's also the last). Physics:I've An Introduction to Mechanics by Kleppner-Kolenkow,Problems in...
  25. M

    Capacitor and Mechanics question, IPhO 2004

    Homework Statement It's theoretical question 1 d) I'm having problems with, I'm at a loss as to where I have gone wrong with my approach? The question has been attached. Homework Equations see attachment please The Attempt at a Solution see attachment please. It's quite a lengthy problem...
  26. jaumzaum

    IPhO Training: Circular Motion Homework

    Homework Statement i'm being trained to the IphO (Internataional Physics Olimpyad), and I've come across the following exercise: A F Force is applied to a body initially stopped in a rollercoaster. The F force makes the body describe a circular trajectory at the rollercoaster...
  27. N

    Is it too late to start preparing IPHO?

    is it too late to start preparing IPHO?? I have recently gained interest in physics I am already grade 11 and i think it's too late to start i have taken gr 11 math and physics only do you think i have chance? for IPHO? as in like making up to the national finals? if it is how many hours at...
  28. L

    Going to iPhO, sharing an experience

    I am a high school student (just graduated) from the Netherlands who is going to the International Physics Olympiad next week. I am happy I‘ve got here, but also feel I’ve been wasting a lot of time doing things that are beyond my level. I just wanted to share my experience here. I’ve never...
  29. Q

    Solve IPhO Basic Q: Angular Momentum Conservation of Moon-Earth System

    Homework Statement http://www.jyu.fi/tdk/kastdk/olympiads/2009/Theo1_Question_Final.pdf This is a problem on some gravity phenomenon. I can't even get past the first part (though to be honest I'm probably not qualified even to look at these) The moon - Earth system is changing. Because the...
  30. thrill3rnit3

    Irodov's problem book for the IPhO

    I've heard that Irodov's Problems in General Physics is a good resource for Physics problems. My question is would that be a good preparation book for physics olympiads?? And does anyone know where to get a copy (and preferably a cheap one) of the book? I've tried Amazon but to no avail...
  31. G

    IPHO Training: Optics and Waves Study Help

    I am training for IPHO, but it is difficult for me, to study for school and also for the large ipho curriculum. I could work it out until now, that I am studying optics and waves (dispersion, interferences), because now i don't have much material to study from. Can someone help me, give some...
  32. L

    IPhO Prep Book: The Ultimate Guide for IPhO Preparation and Assistance

    Is there any book you know for IPhO preparation? help please
  33. M

    Preparing for the International Physics Olympiad (IPhO)

    Hey, So I'd like to do the International Physics Olympiad (IPhO) next year, and I was wondering what any of you wonderful physicists would suggest as adequate preparation, particularly those who have done IPhO before. I live in Ontario so I've looked at the University of Toronto Prep...
  34. A

    Exploring IPhO 2005: Who's Attending and What to Expect?

    Hi, people! I'm a bit new to this site, and I was wondering how many of you are coming to the 36th International Physics Olympiad(2005) , which will be held in Salamanca, Spain.