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Is it allowed to use graphing calculator in IPHO

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    hi everyone i hope you are fine .
    is it allow to use graphing calculator in ipho physics olympiad
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    I don't know: could you link us to the rules?
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    i don't have the rules
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    I have no direct experience with IPHO. All I know is what I found with a bit of Google-searching for terms like "ipho calculator."

    According to this document, the only calculator allowed in 2014 was the Hewlett-Packard 10S+, and it was provided to all participants by the organizing committee. I have not managed to find similar information for 2016.
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    plz anybody help me i need this information to much because i'm going to compete in it
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    Come on dude, I found the answer after 3 seconds by googling "IPHO rules". Do you really need others to spoondfeed you?
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    is a graphing calculator a non-programmable pocket calculators
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