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I Where can I find lectures on classical mechanics online?

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    I am a high school student looking for some amazing lectures online to study classical mechanics for a regional qualifying camp for ipho.
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    A Google search for "MIT classical mechanics" will give you several sets of lectures from MIT at various levels.
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    While i dont think you are in a need of them now but i will write it for the people who come on this thread for the same question.
    Just search Youtube Lectures by Walter lewin.
    As you might know Walter lewin was a prof. at MIT and is a renowned physicist and widely regarded as the most amazing lecturer of this time. Due to some problems his lecture videos were taken off from MIT OCW and youtube but he uploaded them in his own channel by the name of "Lectures by walter lewin. They will make you *heart emoji* physics".
    So check out that channel along with the playlist he created for different courses.
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