What is Laue: Definition and 12 Discussions

Max Theodor Felix von Laue (German: [maks fɔn ˈlaʊ̯ə] (listen); 9 October 1879 – 24 April 1960) was a German physicist who received the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1914 for his discovery of the diffraction of X-rays by crystals. In addition to his scientific endeavors with contributions in optics, crystallography, quantum theory, superconductivity, and the theory of relativity, he had a number of administrative positions which advanced and guided German scientific research and development during four decades. A strong objector to Nazism, he was instrumental in re-establishing and organizing German science after World War II.

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  1. amjad-sh

    I Van Laue Formulation: X-ray Diffraction from Crystal Structure

    When we shine an X-ray beam on a crystal, according to Van Laue formulation, for a sharp intensity peak to be observed on the screen there is a specific direction ##\mathbf{\hat{n}}## , in which for all the X-rays with wavelength ##\lambda## and wavevector...
  2. G

    A Energy gap between energy bands in solid state physics

    I know that Bragg reflection in solid states at the edge of e.g. the first Brillouin Zone causes standing waves at these edges, which creates a gap between the energy bands. In this picture below you can see the probability density of a symmetric (+) and anti-symmetric (-) standing wave. The...
  3. T

    I Laue Diffraction Intensity Distribution

    I am trying to experimentally determine the atomic scattering factors for NaCl using Laue photography. For an NaCl crystal, the intensity of the wave scattered at the unit cell is proportional to (4⋅(fCl+fNa))2 if h,k,l are even and to (4⋅(fCl-fNa))2 if h,k,l are odd. fNa and fCl are the atomic...
  4. A

    A Multiplication and Addition to get an integer

    Hi, to understand finally the Laue equation for diffraction I am missing something : h*p+k*q+l*r = integer. Given that p,q,r are integers how come h,k,l MUST BE INTEGERS as well? Say p=q=r=2, than h=k=l=1/2 works just fine. I understand that there is something about a common...
  5. A

    I On the Relativistic Twisting of a rotating cylinder (Max von Laue)

    I'll start with link describing the phenomenon: https://books.google.com/books?id=WTfnBwAAQBAJ&pg=PA43&lpg=PA43&dq=relativity+twist+rotating+cylinder&source=bl&ots=C2SDJNPF2K&sig=ImFDYGm_0qK7JoDU0ulsxLk3sMU&hl=en&sa=X#v=onepage&q=relativity%20twist%20rotating%20cylinder&f=false Quote: "A...
  6. L

    Derivation of the Laue Equation -- Problem with path difference

    Hi everyone Homework Statement I'm trying to understand the Laue equation but I have problems unterstanding the derivation, especially one part in my textbook about the path difference (see attachment) The Attempt at a Solution My textbook says that the path difference here is...
  7. M

    Understanding the Laue Camera: Exploring Reflection Angle Off of Samples

    Hello, I am confused for a laue camera how the angle of reflection off of the sample is 180 -2θ, where θ is the scattering angle. How is the reflection off the sample not just θ?
  8. R

    Understanding Laue Equations: Scattering Factors & Complex Exponentials

    I can't really follow the template here since there's no specific question that I'm trying to answer; I'm going to give a presentation about diffraction next week and there's one particular line in my notes that doesn't make sense. I've attached the offending line to this post. The fundamental...
  9. H

    Von Laue Condition X ray Diffraction

    Homework Statement The von Laue condition for x ray diffraction can be written dΔκ =2πn where d is a displacement vector between indentical atoms and n an integer What is the smalest angle θ through which x -rays of wavelength 0.12 nm may be scattered by a sample of polonium ,a simple cubic...
  10. E

    Difference between Bragg and Laue Diffraction?

    Hi! I am confused about the difference between the Bragg and Laue Diffraction. It seems that both arrive at the same result, but the assumptions for both are different?
  11. F

    Laue & Franck had their medals dissolved in aqua regia to save them from Nazis

    this is one of the coolest stories I've read in a while. it's so cool it's got to be true :-p http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Max_von_Laue http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/James_Franck
  12. A

    Laue method for determining orientation

    I have just seen a photograph known as a Laue photograph. I am reading about the Laue method of X-ray Diffraction. This method is supposed to be useful for determining the orientation of a crystal, according to Ashcroft. My question is how? Orientation with regards to what? It seems to me...