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Mechanical Properties of Kevlar in Speakers

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    I understand the characteristics of speakers can be improved by weaving kevlar to form a square pattern and that the sound waves are deflected because the angles on the pattern cancel them out.
    However, i don't see why this has to be kevlar and not any other material which could do the same job. What special properties has the kevlar itself got that lend it towards designing speakers?

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    I am no materials scientist (an engineer by profession) so I would take a gander towards Kevlar being far more suitable to withstanding the stress/strain of vibrating at various frequencies.

    Thinking back to my early physics classes, I'd imagine a hysteresis plot: (1) it's possible that it doesn't alter in tension even after prolonged vibration (within its rated freq. response), and (2) it could possibly, alter in shape if need be, whilst returning to its original form (similar to (1)).
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