What is Meshing: Definition and 31 Discussions

A mesh is a barrier made of connected strands of metal, fiber, or other flexible or ductile materials. A mesh is similar to a web or a net in that it has many attached or woven strands.

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  1. PlanABridge

    [ANSYS] Meshing based on Keypoints

    I'm analyzing a longitudinal weld using the effective notch method to modell it. This means my mesh must be fine and more importantly very specific. To do this, I generated Keypoints where I want the nodes of the finite element mesh to be and this where I was stumped. I want to mesh it using...
  2. J

    Meshing & connection issues for a beam/line solid

    I designed two geometries (one for beam/line reinforcements and other second for a solid block shown below) in Ansys workbench spaceclaim for static structural analysis. In Ansys workbench Mechanical, I got a weird mesh for the reinforcements which I modeled as beam in Spaceclaim (shown...
  3. AH515253

    Meshing a multi body part as shown below (ANSYS)

    I have one block which i sliced into two blocks and glue them to form one part. so now I have multibody part I want to mesh them as it shown below in the image. Both parts have hex mesh but one body has course mesh and other has fine mesh, For body one size of element is 3mm and other body mesh...
  4. deepak tayade

    Meshing Volumes 1 & 2: Need Assistance!

    i want to Mesh volume1 of 0.250 X 0.180 X 0.005 (solid 45) and another volume2 of 0.050 X 0.020 X 0.005 (solid 5)placed at the centre & on top of volume 1... i m not able to mesh please assist...
  5. Mohamed_Wael

    Meshing Failed in Ansys Workbench: Causes & Alternatives

    I have been working on example of the book of ansys workbench by H.H.LEE but I tried to do different mesh using : mesh control <method<Multizone/hexa unfortunately I got an error message saying that the mesh failed and can't be performed. Does anyone who why does meshing might fail and what is...
  6. M

    Troubleshooting ANSYS Mesher for Interior Part Views

    Homework Statement I have a part in my ANSYS Mesher that I am attempting to mesh Homework Equations I need to view the interior of my part as seen in the photo. However, each time I try to view my mesh this way, I get the view seen in the second image. I need to fix this issue so that I can...
  7. L

    Meshing Parameters for Wind Turbine Blade with 3 Airfoils

    i am new to ANSYS, i designed a wind turbine blade in solidworks, when i try to create mesh it gives me an error. Previously i have made a mesh for a wind turbine blade i used >mapped face mesh then i used sizing and it was done but this blade is a bit different as it has 3 airfoils used in it
  8. J

    Drawing and meshing involute bevel gears in CAD

    Hello, I urgently need to be able to draw a set of bevel gears for 3d printing. The gears I am currently drawing intersect that is their teeth are penetrating each other when the gear turns. Currently using http://www.daycounter.com/Calculators/Bevel-Gear-Calculator.phtml to find the numbers...
  9. N

    Hemisphere meshing quad in ansys

    Can anyone guide me how to mesh solid and shell 3d hemisphere with hex dominant approach in ansys mechanical APDL? I found no such verification manual for 3d hemispherical meshing in ansys. What method should be applied and what element should be chosen appropriately to mesh this structure? I...
  10. H

    Meshing for Distributed Bragg Grating Filter in COMSOL

    Hello everyone! I am simulating a distributed Bragg grating filter using comsol. The mesh i used is like wavelength/index/8, but i do not get symmetric spectrum to Bragg wavelength.Layers are λ/4 width. Is there a special meshing for these Bragg layers? Or is there someone who can give me...
  11. K

    Why are two meshing gears made of different face widths?

    Hi, I observe in an automobile transmission that two meshing gears of same material are never of same face widths. Either the driver of driven is a couple or more millimeters wider than the other. Most of the time (not always) the pinion is wider than the gear. Though I can assume that the...
  12. S

    Falling polygons: meshing vs. stacking - analytic solution needed

    Falling polygons: meshing vs. stacking -- analytic solution needed I'm a game developer and not a mathematics specialist, so I'm not 100% sure if this question is correctly categorized. My problem is as follows. I'm building a game that's similar to Tetris, but in 3D instead of 2D...
  13. S

    Finite Element Meshing: Understanding Node Intersections

    Hello my question is basic but i would like to know this and get explanation I a have simple question, about meshing,I know from finite element the it is always better to have node on node of the mesh for two different parts.But if i have node of mesh of on part intersect with line of...
  14. O

    Hex Meshing Error: Do I Need to Partition the Part?

    I am attempting to mesh this part using "hex" elements but I always receive an error. Am I supposed to partition the part? If so how do I do that? Thanks for you help P.S. I attached related documents to this post
  15. S

    Optimizing Mesh Uniformity and Connectivity in ABAQUS FE Package

    I am using FE package called ABAQUS, however my question is general, i read that the mesh should be uniform,so does that mean it should be square, also if i have different parts affect each other, does the nodes on one part need be connected to the other part at the edges(to achieve continuous...
  16. V

    Solving Gambit Meshing Errors on Helical Tube

    I am quite new to using Gambit and I having problems with mesh generation for my helical tube. I split the entire volume into 4 smaller volumes. Now, when I try to mesh each one of them errors start to crop up. These are the errors associated with the meshing of each volume 1. independent...
  17. B

    ANSYS/LS-DYNA Adaptive meshing

    Hello everybody! I have just use Ls-Dyna last week and when I use Adaptive meshing I got that. So what are elements the new node belong to 1, 2 or 3. I used type shell 163 - 4 nodes element!
  18. S

    Problem in meshing a plate (thermal problem)

    Hello, I’m trying to solve the following problem: a composite plate with circular steel in the lower left corner. The upper and lower surfaces are insulated, on the right the temperature is constant, and on the left exits natural convection. The analysis is steady-state. I’m using a...
  19. Z

    FEA meshing - why not 2d mesh -> 3d mesh ?

    FEA meshing - why not 2d mesh -> 3d mesh ? Well, I have just realized why the people do not use FEA (finite elements analysis) as often as they should do: FEA preprocessing phase is a disaster! Simply speaking - there is no simple, efficient meshing software available on the market. Existing...
  20. C

    How can I learn dynamic meshing in Fluent?

    hi i am new to fluent and i hav done few basic tutorials in fluent.But now i need to use dynamic meshing for my project so can anyone guide me how should i start to learn dynamic meshing. thanxxxxxxxxxxxxxx in advance
  21. T

    Assistance with gambit meshing process for 3d pump impeller

    Hello, As part of my final year project I am to run a CFD analysis of a pump impeller. I have been provided with the impeller and diffuser CAD models and successfully imported these into gambit. However, after completing a number of the gambit tutorials I still have no experience in meshing...
  22. L

    How Can We Combine Our Talents to Explore the Universe?

    My sister is like a cool friend. Passionate arguments about science, the future, alien civilisations break out all the time. We will make a good team. She's going to study astronomy. I'm interested in ALL science. Yet it'd be great if we both had fields that worked together. Both learning and...
  23. K

    COMSOL Meshing Help - Solving Large Scale Mesh Problems

    Hi Everyone! I hope someone here can help me with a meshing problem I am experiencing in comsol. What I have is a model which has large scale differences (Ranging from the mm range to the nm range). It seems that with these differences in scale, the free meshing engine has a hard time meshing...
  24. K

    Comsol Nanoscale Meshing Problem

    Hi Everyone! I hope someone here can help me with a meshing problem I am experiencing in comsol. What I have is a model which has large scale differences (Ranging from the mm range to the nm range). It seems that with these differences in scale, the free meshing engine has a hard time meshing...
  25. A

    How Do You Implement Dynamic Meshing in OpenFOAM?

    Homework Statement does any1 know how to make dynamic mesh on open foam? Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution i can't find any yet.. thx
  26. P

    Need Help Meshing a Turbine in Gambit? Can Someone Provide Guidance Urgently?

    meshing turbine in gambit ~~ urgent Hi... I would be very grateful if someone could help me to mesh the turbine in gambit. I have been struggling with this for the last whole week so desperately need help urgently. I already have the model in gambit but I am not sure if this kind of...
  27. T

    Dynamic meshing 2 stroke engine issue

    Hello everyone, im a 5th year student and I am doing my final project which consists on analyzing the scavenging process of a 2 stroke opposed piston engine, but I am having a hard time creating the UDF for the dynamic meshing thing. Could anyone please help me?
  28. M

    MATLAB How can I code and mesh a sphere for heat transfer analysis on MATLAB?

    hi I am sort of a novice on matlab. i have a heat transfer problem i need to solve on MATLAB with finite difference method for a sphere of radius 5cm. i jus need to know how to code the geometry of a sphere so that i can do the heat transfer equations on it. do i have to do it in cartesian...
  29. C

    Meshing trailing edge of aerofoil in Gambit

    Hey, when using the boundary layer tool in Gambit to mesh the near wall region of an aerofoil I experience problems at the trailing edge. The x-direction size of the first cell downstream of the trailing edge appears to be equal to the y-direction cell size along the surface. For y+<5, the...
  30. M

    Why is hex meshing preferred over tet meshing in CFD?

    Hi everyone! Can you explain me Why always hex mesh is preffered instead of tet mesh if hex mesh is possible in perticular geometry? give brief explanation as flux point of view.
  31. A

    CFD Gambit Meshing: Solving Problem in Blood Flow Analysis

    Hi everybody, I am Physics graduate now starting a PhD in Bioengineering, and I have been thrown in the deep end to learn Gambit / Fluent for the purposes of blood flow. In my undergrad we focused mainly on MathCad and I have no experience of CFD. So I'm really struggling with creating a...