What is Mirror image: Definition and 22 Discussions

A mirror image (in a plane mirror) is a reflected duplication of an object that appears almost identical, but is reversed in the direction perpendicular to the mirror surface. As an optical effect it results from reflection off from substances such as a mirror or water. It is also a concept in geometry and can be used as a conceptualization process for 3-D structures.

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  1. brotherbobby

    B Understanding the Relationship Between a Function and Its Inverse

    I could only verify this for a few elementary functions. Does a proof exist? Does it go beyond the realms of high school mathematics? Many thanks.
  2. sol47739

    I Can you somehow make left handed helix into a right handed?

    Can you by any type of rotations or transformations turn a left handed helix into a right handed or vice versa? If yes why? And if no, why not? For example if you have a 2 d triangle like the one in the picture: You can turn it in 3 dimensions 180 degrees in a sense mirroring it and you will...
  3. kuruman

    B Why do reflections in water sometimes appear different from what we see?

    For quite some time I was under the mistaken impression that the specular reflection of objects from the calm surface of still water forms an image that is the same as the image I see except it's upside down. That is not the case. In the picture below* I have circled in white a couple of...
  4. S

    Can twin cats have mirror image fur colors?

    Is it possible for monozygotic twin cats to have fur colors that are mirror images of each other? Or does such mirror imaging rule out that two cats are monozygotic twins? In searching for images of "twin cats" on the web, I find a few photos of pairs that have mirror image fur colors. For...
  5. G

    I Symmetry of an exponential result from a Fourier transform

    I used a matrix to calculate the Fourier transform of a lorentzian and it did generate a decaying exponential but that was followed by the mirror image of the exponential going up. I am referring to the real part of the exponential. If I use an fft instead I also see this. Shouldn't the...
  6. B

    Dipole problem with electric fields

    Dipole problem (which is solved through mirror imaging) has been troubling me with its solution. I understand everything except how the dipole moment's coordinates came to be, since when converted into x-y axis, its doesn't make sense. (problem 4.6) The screenshot contains the solution which...
  7. Pushoam

    Point charge outside a grounded conducting sphere

    Homework Statement Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution Option (a), because the potential is 0 on the surface, and potential due to point charge is positive so there must be negative charge on the surface. Since opposite charges attract each other, there is an attractive force...
  8. K

    Term for mirror image sides shift

    Homework Statement I've done physics in a non-english medium and I want to know what is the technical term to call the incident where the image is flipped vertical through a mirror. I mean if we stand infront of a mirror and raise the right arm, the mirror image shows we're raising the left...
  9. J

    Chiral life concept - creating mirror image synthetic life?

    Imagine mirror image of a cell - built from a scratch using mirror images (enantiomers) of molecules of the original cell. It should work as standard one, but use e.g. L-sugars instead of our D-sugars: article. Some possible applications: - doubling the space of possible enzymes we could...
  10. A

    Relative speed with respect to mirror image in two dimensional motion

    Homework Statement A particle P is moving in a straight line with velocity u=10 m/s along the ground. Its line of motion makes angle θ=60° with the X axis drawn on the ground. A flat mirror oriented perpendicular to the ground as well as the X axis is moving with constant velocity of v=20...
  11. T

    Mirror image inversion in the 4th dimension.

    I don't really know where this topic belongs. Let's say you're an ugly asymmetrical person, with your right hand much larger than the left. A 4th dimensional being removed you and "flipped" you in the 4th dimesion, then put you back. Would you come back with a large right hand...
  12. N

    Why is the spin in a mirror image opposite?

    (without using the intuitive yet eronneous idea of "spin" meaning "spinning")
  13. F

    Speed of Boy & Image in Plane Mirror: A,B,C Explained

    Q. If a boy is at a distance of 40m from a plane mirror and runs parallel to the plane of the mirror while maintaining the same distance from the mirror what will be the speed of the image and the boy. A. Same B. The boy has greater speed than his image C. The image has greater speed than the...
  14. C

    Head on collision between mirror image vehicles

    I have a question and I would like some help. Assuming mirror image vehicles hitting at 65mph. Is the force exacted on each vehicle equal to 130mph or 65 mph. My assumption is that it would be the same as hitting an inelastic brick wall.. Thank ya'll in advance..
  15. P

    What is the Optimal Camera Distance for Photographing a Mirror Image?

    If I wish to take a picture of your image while standing 5 m in front of a plane mirror, for what distance should I set your camera to provide the sharpest focus. I guessed the answer would be 10m (distance of object+distance of image). But i don't know why the focus of camera...
  16. M

    Mirror Image: Solving for Object Height & Location

    Homework Statement an image in a convex mirror is 12cm tall and 30cm from the mirror.IF the focal length is 50cm, where is the object and how tall. Homework Equations (1/f)=(1/do)+(1/di) M= hi/ho =-di / do The Attempt at a Solution i got 7.5cm for the object height but a convex...
  17. P

    Base 2 odd numbers and their mirror image values

    Check this out: In base 2 take all (or the first several hundred thousand) the odd numbers and figure out the mirror image of the bit string for each number. Ex: mirror of 11111 is 11111 mirror of 1011101 is 1011101 mirror of 100000001111 is 111100000001 You can't really mirror an even number...
  18. H

    Gaining Comfort from a Second Mirror Image: Perspectives on Life

    Rather than going to a barber shop and paying $15 for a haircut every month I bought some clippers and cut my own hair. Last week I used them to cut my hair and wasn't sure how the trim on the neckline looked. I asked one person and they said it looked fine. I asked another and they said it...
  19. M

    How Do Double Concave Mirrors Create a Floating Image?

    I am trying to figure out how those double concave mirror set ups work to create an image above the mirror. Does anyone know what I am talking about? You have 2 [spherical] concave mirrors, both with the same radius of curvature (and thus the same focal length), one facing up, and the other...
  20. J

    Mirror image reversal - why only l/r, not up/down

    what explains the fact that mirrors only reverse an image left to right, not up and down?
  21. H

    Mirror Image Problems in Electrodynamics

    What do the mirror image problems in electrodynamics exactly focus at? Are they only based on the uniquesness theorem ,which we study in Differential equations.!But i find their application to be limited since they can be applied to a surface which is grounded.! One more thing ,how does it...
  22. S

    Concave & Convex Mirrors: Real/Virtual Images Explained

    Why can concave mirrors produce a real or virtual image, but convex mirrors can produce only one virtual image?? As well, when an object is moved along the principal axis towards the vertex of a concave mirror, the image changes. Where exactly does this change occur and why? I know it has...