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  1. Y

    Coulomb's law — A negative charge balanced between 3 positive charges

    hello i would like to understand something, i found the right answer but there is still something i don't understand. here is the figure and here is my correct solution what i don't understand is why F(3,Q) is 3kQ/r^2 i mean why is the 3? i only calculat the force between q3 and Q so why...
  2. physicks885

    Minimum seperation of two electrons moving toward each other

    [Mentor Note -- Two threads started by partners in a class have been merged into this one thread, since they are working on a shared solution to turn in]
  3. Jorge Jr

    I Millikan's Experiment: Observing Vibrating Oil Droplets

    Hello. In Milikan's experiment, as we observe the oil droplets through the microscope, during the measurement of the speed of fall and rise. we can see that the oil droplets are "vibrating". Why does it happen? Sorry for my bad English.
  4. M

    How to calculate the deceleration of the object

    Hi, i am trying to understand, how to calculate the deceleration of the object? I have a small toy car in the track, after i release the car, i want to calculate the deceleration of the car, and predict how many loops, it's going to do, after measuring the timing of some revolutions. Is there...
  5. W

    Sound propagation with altitude/height

    Let's say we have a 3 floor/level building , and someone is making noise outside, i.e: Playing guitar, given that all the building has the same sound isolation everywhere, what can you say about the sound propagation? we have 2 cases a) when windows opened b) when windows closed Will the...
  6. L

    Very basic phisics, hydraulics and weights, wrong diagram?

    Hej Guys, I am just wondering. See the picture. If I put 5kg on the right the water lever increases and the new water level on the left should be as much higher as 5kg volume of water. Its so obvious isn't it? So if it is obvious can you please tell me that why it is possible that in a...
  7. E

    Theoretical math and phisics

    I m first year in theoretical mathematics (graduate study), but I am very interested in theoretical physics, I have some knowledge in physics, general knowledge in mechanics and thermodinamics, electrodynamics, optics, waves, basics in quantum theory, but I am very interested in elementary...
  8. J

    Weird phisics of smoke rings

    Take a look at these videos: Smoke rings in air: http://www.swisseduc.ch/stromboli/etna/etna00/etna0005video2-it.html?id=14 Air rings in water: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bT-fctr32pE&feature=related Second one is really amazing, as it shows two things: - great stability of the ring, which...
  9. T

    Help with Physics: Calculating Resistor Values

    Hey guy! I am new here and I am seeking some help! so i just started a Electric Engineering course at grimsby collage and, i thought i had some science knowlage ohms and that. you know? until they gave me this. Calculating Resistor Values. Two Resistors are connected in series with values...
  10. G

    Very simple high school phisics question

    A stationary object explodes into two fragments. A 4.0 kg fragment moves westward at 3.0 m/s. What are the speed and kinetic energy of the remaining 2.0 kg fragment? why can't i assume the kinect enegery of each object is the same?I loked at it and assumed 1/2mv^2 for object 1 should equal...
  11. J

    Brian Wingfeild and I am a Phisics Professor

    Hello, My name is Brian Wingfield and I am a Phisics Professor. To conduct my expiriments, i have been given the windows application, Working Model 2d. I have been given basic training on how to use it but i have run into a small problem. I need to Create a joint that pins 3 layers so 3...