What is Quantum communication: Definition and 18 Discussions

Quantum information science is an interdisciplinary field that seeks to understand the analysis, processing, and transmission of information using quantum mechanics principles. It combines the study of Information science with quantum effects in physics. It includes theoretical issues in computational models and more experimental topics in quantum physics, including what can and cannot be done with quantum information. The term quantum information theory is also used, but it fails to encompass experimental research, and can be confused with a subfield of quantum information science that addresses the processing of quantum information.

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  1. S

    I Quantum entanglement in the MWI

    As far as I know, we don't understand the apparent faster-than-light "communication" between a measured particle and one entangled to it. Does the Many Worlds Interpretation explain this? Does it have anything else to say about entanglement?
  2. B

    B Delayed choice quantum communication - "Berlin riddle"

    At 12.00h a specific event is being expected in Berlin, whether the wall ist teared down, or not. The sender is in Berlin and wants to send the information about the event to the recipient on the moon. Both sides know about the possibly upcoming event. As the light takes 1 second to the moon...
  3. meyol99

    A Atomic state that is a coherent superposition?

    Can someone explain the meaning of the k vector and the general meaning of this equation?
  4. C

    B Why doesn't this FTL communication scheme work?

    If Alice and Bob had a large number of particles entangled together (with state of either 0 or 1), could Alice send information by breaking the entanglement of particles with state of 1 (by flipping the state for example) so that Bob measures 50% of particles to be in the state opposite of 0...
  5. T

    I Quantum communication question

    Can somebody explain what is a quantum channel through which quantum objects communicate? I recently heard that one can communicate without sending particles. https://phys.org/news/2017-05-counterfactual-quantum.html
  6. Auto-Didact

    A Decoherence-free phononic BEC quantum devices?

    Howl et al. 2016, Quantum Decoherence of Phonons in Bose-Einstein Condensates Anyone in the field of quantum information/quantum computation wish to comment on such an approach for building a quantum computer?
  7. A

    B Need Listing of Photon and Particle Quantum States

    Hi, I am learning quantum entanglement. I am interested to create an up to date list of all known : - Photon Quantum States - Particle Quantum States - Classically entagled photon states I guess that there is an organization out there that already have this info. If someone can point me into...
  8. P

    B Quantum communication satellite

    We all know about the launching of a entanglement based communication satellite by China. But, once a Prof. of Quantum physics has told me that it's even "theoretically impossible" as it will be violation of the "law of casualty" as the two points get information ahead of the speed of light to...
  9. R

    B Quantum communication will allow view the future and past?

    If a quantum communication device based in interlakced particles equipped with powerful telescope and radio receiver is placed far away some millions is years light. Then the images and radio signals detected, could belong to the future or past. And this info from the future or past can be...
  10. T

    I Non-EMF Wireless Communication

    Is there any theoretical room for wireless communication that does not require EMF and would be unhindered by RF blocking materials or Faraday cages?
  11. E

    B Quantum Communication: Entanglement, Interference & FTL

    is it possible to entangle two particles and then separate them buy a large distance, and then interfere with one of the particles and observe this in the other, like a quantum communication system that is faster than light?
  12. Jim Hasty

    Quantum Communication: Instant Transmission of Messages?

    Quantum Communication. All systems described by quantum mechanics can display so-called entanglement, for example, the spin of one electron cannot be known in advance of a measurement yet will be perfectly correlated with the other, even if it is in a distant location. This has recently been...
  13. S

    Quantum Communication: Two-Way Messaging Without Physical Link?

    Recently some scientists got Nobel prize for ability to mesure changes in quantum states without destruction of quantum confinement.Does that mean possibility to create in the future two way communication without any physical link between two different places...
  14. S

    Quantum Communication, ion traps of thermoluminescent materials

    Recently I've came by this article: "Intercontinental quantum liaisons between entangled electrons in ion traps of thermoluminescent crystals" by Robert Desbrandes and Daniel Van Gent http://arxiv.org/abs/quant-ph/0611109 Researchers used ion traps caused by imperfections of the crystals to...
  15. R

    Quantum communication with extraterrestrials

    Hello: I am curious if it could be theoretically possible to use QM as a communications device to make really long distance calls. I've been reading on locality and my understanding is just beginning so bear with me as I may have it all wrong. But on a basic level if we could affect a set...
  16. L

    Can Entangled Particles Be Used for Quantum Communication?

    I've read that supposedly no coherent information can be instantaneously teleported across space between single pairs of entangled particles because of random fluctuations. But might a way of overcoming this be to take two separated sets of more than one pair of entangled particles and arrange...
  17. L

    Exploring the Possibilities of Quantum Communication Beyond the Speed of Light

    In a previous post I discussed the idea of an intelligent universe but realized from your responses that communication faster than the speed of light is impossible. I got to thinking about that and thought what about worm holes. Worm holes can pass information across the universe faster than the...
  18. M

    Quantum Communication - Ideas & Solutions

    Hi, A thought experiment I am struggling with.. Imagine you were disembodied and could only communicate with the outside world through the wave function collapse. What would be the best way to try and communicate with people? Conversely, if you were looking for such a person what device...