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Quantum communication with extraterrestrials

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    I am curious if it could be theoretically possible to use QM as a communications device to make really long distance calls.

    I've been reading on locality and my understanding is just beginning so bear with me as I may have it all wrong. But on a basic level if we could affect a set of photons from a star say 1000ly away, wouldn't our intercession here show up there instantly? I sort of mixed in Einstein's concept of "particles from the same source". Could this somehow really work?

    Thank you.
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    Here's the problem. You are trying to apply quantum entanglement without knowing that it actually is. This creates lots of problems.

    There are several threads already on why one cannot send signals "instantaneously" using such principles. You might want to look at those. To be able to send entangled pieces of information, there still has to be something that is sent from some place, to the other. That extraterrestrial must still have, in its possession, that photon that got entangled at some location at one time. So you might as well send EM signals in the first place.

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    Yes thank you. I am really just beginning to try and grasp the entire concept (I'm 52) but I find it fascinating nonetheless. I will continue reading and very much enjoy the threads here.

    Thank you again.
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