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    Potential difference across a resistor

    Homework Statement Two cells of same emf E and different internal resistance r1 and r2 are connected in series to an external resistance R.The value of R for which the potential difference across the first cell is zero is given by (A) R=r1/r2 (B)R=r1+r2 (C)R=r1-r2 (D)R=r1r2 Homework Equations...
  2. 3DTOPO

    Conductive Silicon Carbide [Carborundum]

    I am trying to create a conductive Silicon Carbide (SiC) heating element. The US patent 650234 "Process of making carborundum articles", filed in 1899 states essentially that crushed SiC crystals can be be glued together (using diluted glue) then sintered. It states that the addition of 15-20%...
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    Electrons on hard disk

    Is the no. of electrons on a brand new unused and untested harddisk is different from no. of electrons on a used hard disk completely filled with data. i mean will there be even a change of one electron? Please consider the following points before answering: 1- Does all the electrons from a...
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    Engineering Thevenin Equivalent for circuit with diagonal resistors

    Homework Statement Hi everyone! I'm trying to find the thevenin equivalent for part A of this circuit: Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution I first remove part B, that is, open circuit it entirely. Then I try to find Voc across the two terminals that are...