What is Self teaching: Definition and 34 Discussions

Autodidacticism (also autodidactism) or self-education (also self-learning and self-teaching) is education without the guidance of masters (such as teachers and professors) or institutions (such as schools). Generally, autodidacts are individuals who choose the subject they will study, their studying material, and the studying rhythm and time. Autodidacts may or may not have formal education, and their study may be either a complement or an alternative to formal education. Many notable contributions have been made by autodidacts.

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  1. Parkour

    Self teaching Calculus for physics?

    Summary:: I want to teach myself physics and was wondering if Thomas' Calculus is a good book to learn the Calculus I need to learn introductory physics. Hi, I am following a guide by Susan Rigetti (https://www.susanrigetti.com/physics) which aims to help and give sort of structured learning...
  2. diegzumillo

    I Self teaching analysis and topology

    Hi, I am a physicist interested in going through a basic analysis course. The real line, open sets, that whole thing. On my own, so I need a good selection of bibliography, ranging from those that are good references but too dense to actually read to those that are very pedagogical but tend to...
  3. M

    Intro Physics Is Learning Calculus First Necessary for Self-Studying Physics?

    Hello. I’d like to self-learn physics. basically starting from a zero knowledge background to keep things simple. I have asked before and some individuals said that it is using your time to learn it once you know calculus? Is this true or should I start learning the basics now so that when I...
  4. biologyboy89

    Learn Algebra 1: Self-Study Guide & Tips

    Hey guys, I have never finished algebra 1 in high school which was around 10 years ago. I want to start myself on a good foundation so I can learn more advanced math. My ultimate goal in the end is to learn meteorology; so I need to start somewhere. For algebra 1 are you able to list things...
  5. M

    Studying Self teaching Gcse and A-Level maths

    Hi, I have recently embarked on the journey to do a mathematics degree. I am 16 and homeschooled, although, I self teach myself as I find it easier to read from textbooks and teach myself the material from resources online and the likes. I have taken a math Gcse a few months ago and was going...
  6. M

    Being an autodidact mathematician?

    Would you guys say it could be done, to become an autodidact mathematician with the knowledge of a mathematical degree or higher? Obviously, it's not impossible, and it's not as easy as taking a degree in a university. But is it in the realms of a very motivated, 16 year-old. I have got no...
  7. K

    Self teaching basic average shear stress calculation

    Hello All I am designing some very basic components for a motorcycle project at home, and because I am interested, thought I'd use it as an opportunity to refresh my memory in order to reduce the risk of the parts failing. To begin, I want to do some basic hand calcs if possible so have...
  8. AaronK

    Intro Physics Opinions on "physics: DeMYSTiFieD - A Self Teaching Guide"?

    Recently at a second-hand bookstore, I found this McGraw Hill text for only $2 dollars, so naturally I had to buy it (any 500+ page book about physics for $2 bucks is a great deal). I wonder though, is it useful at all to someone already taking physics courses in college? Or would it just be a...
  9. Parsifal1

    Courses Self teaching A-level maths and physics?

    This year I have been doing a BTEC in Engineering, which is equivalent to 1.5 A levels and I am thinking about what to do next year. I have three options, I could carry on and do the second half of the BTEC, which is equivalent to another 1.5 A levels, I could do a foundation year for university...
  10. E

    Is Self-Teaching Calculus Using Khan Academy Enough?

    Hey everyone, I was wondering if there would be any problem with self teaching myself calculus using Khan Academy as my main resource. I looked at their course and it seems not to have many gaps in it compared to a regular Calculus course. I heard that Khan Academy is not a main resource to use...
  11. E

    Is it possible to self-teach Calculus BC in 3 months?

    Hello I am self teaching myself AP Calculus BC and the exam is on May 5. I was wondering if there were any good online resources for me to use online and I have a textbook which is James Stewarts Calculus 5th Edition. Do you think this is possible to self teach myself Calculus BC in 3 months...
  12. C

    Calculus Best Multivariable Calc Textbook for self teaching

    So i did fairly well in both calc I and II, both being proof based (for math majors, and I got an A in both). I am working a job that allows me to read at work this summer, and would like to teach myself some multivariable/vector calc. I am a physics major, but my school requires me to take the...
  13. Q

    Intro Math Rigorous math/physics self teaching material?

    Hi guys, So, I'm a high school senior about to graduate, and because of reasons, I most likely will not be attending a college next year. However, I will apply to colleges next year for a Physics major. In the meantime, I would like to use my time wisely, and I was thinking that the smart thing...
  14. BilboBombadillo

    Self teaching physics with poor math skills?

    Ahoy there. I am twenty years old, and have (as a result of my interest in cosmology and astronomy, and the natural sciences) developed a keen appreciation for mathematics (in physics, primarily). I have always had an interest in the sciences, but lackluster teachers and personal disinterest...
  15. almarpa

    Physics self teaching (curriculum and textbooks)

    Hello everybody at the forum. My name is Alejandro, and I am a spanish telecommunication engineer, currently working as technologies teacher. My passion has always been physics, and I even thought seriously of studying a physics degree instead of my telecommunication degree. But now, at my 35...
  16. shounakbhatta

    Self teaching calculus books

    Hello, I am a self-learner. I am teaching myself calculus through different sources on the net, but I feel I book is handy. Can you please suggest me a book on differential & integral calculus which: (a) I can self-learn (b) Has a lot of examples (c) Clears out the concepts through...
  17. X

    Schools Self teaching computer programming vs taking a credit class at college

    I'm not really a big fan of computers but I understand there importance to physics. My school offers computer programming classes for engineering and science majors but I don't want a extra formal class that isn't required. Do you think it would be a good idea to self learn all of the programming?
  18. M

    Self-Teaching Applied Math & Engineering: Advice Needed

    I'm going into my second year of applied math and engineering. My problem is that my degree requirements do not allow me to take any courses on quantum mechanics. Therefore, I am thinking about teaching myself from a textbook or something of that sort. I was wondering if someone could give...
  19. N

    Advice on Self Teaching Mathematics Please

    When I self-teach myself mathematics or physics for that case, I like to run through every single problem in the chapter. The outcome... teriible terrible pace... Is this necessarily a bad thing or a good thing? How do you guys study mathematics? In need of advice. Thank you.
  20. J

    Self Teaching Calculus 2 ?

    Hello everyone! Alright, my current high school math class is IB Higher Level Mathematics. It's a two year long course. During the first year we have focused primarily on Advanced Algebra, Trigonometry, and we are about to start Vectors. Year 2 consists of Calculus I, Statistics, and then...
  21. S

    Self teaching over the summer

    I'm thinking of teaching myself some topics in maths and physics for fun over the summer. However, I've found that I usually need a teacher/lecturer to explain some concepts to me when the books go all sketchy in those areas. I need this especially when I can't see where I've gone wrong in my...
  22. D

    Self Teaching of Differential Equations

    By all techinical standards, I am not required to take Differential Equations. I am currently a Physics major with a 2nd major in Mathematics Education. I want to take DE before I start any of my upper level Physics courses next fall since 2 of my academic advisors (one for Physics, one for...
  23. J

    Resources for self teaching ( book recs)

    Hey guys, I entered high school not interested in math or science, which ended up really biting me. I really want to learn some university-level physics and calc before I go off to college, but I don't have the perquisite courses. ( the physics and pre-calc classes I am taking next year...
  24. L

    Self teaching, how to stay motivated?

    I am... a slacker who hasn't been living up to their full potential. I used to do very well, but then I just got lost in existential depression. I spend most of my time bored, searching for something entertaining to pass the time. It's usually internet forums or TV... but they're starting to...
  25. S

    Schools Self Teaching, and entering University.

    Hello, I'll start off by introducing myself, I'm a high school graduate who barely passed any form of Mathematics, I struggled even on some of the most basic of Math. My grades never passed the C - range (50%~). I have been self teaching myself for the last 2~ years. I have currently worked...
  26. A

    Self Teaching: Linear Algebra?

    I've taken maths up to calc III, and want to learn linear algebra over the summer. My school won't let me take more than 21 credits, which is what i'll be having for the next few semesters. I'm familiar with elementary row ops, gaussian elimination, least squares, but not much else. Is...
  27. T

    How should I approach self teaching myself Calculus?

    I've been trying to start teaching myself Calculus recently out of interest and the amount of useful info on PF is awesome but I can't seem to find a good way to actually start it off. As far as books are concerned, it seems that Stewart's is the standard but supposedly it's too watered down...
  28. K

    Need some guidance on self teaching. From the beginning

    Recently, I seem to have been stricken by a learning bug. I have just been craving knowledge of all sorts. I currently am not in college, and it has been several years since I took a math class. I had Intro to Astronomy last semester, and that was pretty decent. However, I currently am wanting...
  29. H

    Study plan for self teaching?

    Does anyone know how I should go about self teaching myself chemistry, physics and math for the goals of the respective high school olympiads for each one? I'm thinking of using Atkins Chemistry, Halliday and Resnick, and Problem Solving Strategies. Any other ideas or advice from people who...
  30. C

    Self teaching basic computer science

    I wanted to teach myself computer science, but I don't know any great beginning books that give a solid introduction. I am a complete novice. Could someone provide some names? I am trying to learn C. And is windows good for doing C or is another operating system more preferrable? Appreciate...
  31. G

    Self Teaching High School Math Analysis(pre calculus)

    This year I am a sophomore in High School taking Algebra II. Since I got a B this year in honors English, I decided to self teach myself Precalcus(Math Analysis) with the hopes of taking AP Calculus BC my Junior year. I want to impress the colleges,chiefly The Wharton School of Finance, with...
  32. A

    Ideas for self teaching chemistry?

    I'm currently in high school and studying physics, 2 maths ("normal" and the most advanced course, the normal is required for the advanced one by the way) as well as a few other subjects. I'm planning to study Electrical or Mechanical engineering or science. Maybe both. But that's...
  33. C

    Self-Teaching Physics: What Level Math Needed?

    So, my present situation is that I dropped out of high school following the end of my junior year at the end of last year, got a GED, and am attending a community college this coming September. I took the AP calc and physics tests and did pretty well on them and I've been studying a linear...
  34. P

    Self teaching Multivariable calculus

    hello, i was wanting to teach myself multivariable calculus. i am currently in calculus BC AP. that class isn't challenging enough for me. do any of you out there know any good sites or good books for multivariable calculus. any help would be greatly apprecaited. thanks in advance.