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Calculus Best Multivariable Calc Textbook for self teaching

  1. May 1, 2015 #1
    So i did fairly well in both calc I and II, both being proof based (for math majors, and I got an A in both). I am working a job that allows me to read at work this summer, and would like to teach myself some multivariable/vector calc. I am a physics major, but my school requires me to take the proof based version for math majors. What textbook would you recommend? Thanks
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    Marsden and Tromba, Vector Calculus.

    This is probably the most beautiful book ever written.
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    That's actually not a bad suggestion. It has problems that really test the material and it uses a "vectors first" approach which is nice. Reading it at work though, that would be difficult IMHO, you would need to do the problems and be quite focused.

    One that you could read through but that still contains proofs is Murray & Protter - Intermediate Calculus. I think it's too low level for you because you have done two proof courses already, but if you are reading it in your spare time between phone calls or whatever, it would suffice.

    I think you can choose something more grown up though. Advanced Calculus by Friedman for example.
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