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Intro Physics Opinions on "physics: DeMYSTiFieD - A Self Teaching Guide"?

  1. Jul 26, 2016 #1
    Recently at a second-hand bookstore, I found this McGraw Hill text for only $2 dollars, so naturally I had to buy it (any 500+ page book about physics for $2 bucks is a great deal). I wonder though, is it useful at all to someone already taking physics courses in college? Or would it just be a nice little review I could work through in my spare time? Anyone know of errors?

    Would love to hear any opinion on the book :oldsmile:
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    Its an okay book for what it is, a study or insightful guide for freshman physics. Often students get so hung up on the high end concepts or problems that they overlook the basics. This book helps cover the basics.
    I suspect the book would have the most value to a High School student preparing for his first year of physics (and hadn't any previous experience with physics). It won't replace a good textbook, but could supplement a course.
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    I've seen some worrying low-star reviews at Amazon from some of the people that got it there. It seems the the author has the tendency to unnecessarily complicate certain concepts that don't need to be overcomplicated, or at least that seems to be what some of the reviewers at Amazon felt who had worked through it. I suppose I'll stick to more mainstream/respectable texts for review, but I agree that the book would probably be most useful to high school students, so I'll probably just give it to a younger cousin or something.
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