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Resources for self teaching ( book recs)

  1. Jun 21, 2010 #1
    Hey guys, I entered high school not interested in math or science, which ended up really biting me.

    I really want to learn some university-level physics and calc before I go off to college, but I don't have the perquisite courses. ( the physics and pre-calc classes Im taking next year, will most likely not be challenging.)

    So I would like to teach myself Pre-calculus and high-school physics over the summer, and then learn calc and physics on my own time.

    I would like to learn a curriculum that would help me in the SAT subject tests for Math(II) and Physics.

    Does anyone know of any good books(sub $50) for these subjects?

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    There is a whole subforum of this one called "Science Book Discussion" (look at the top of the list of threads) where you can find threads about books on most any physics or math topic, at various levels (high school, college, graduate school). Browse through there for a while, and if you don't find something, ask there.
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