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Self Teaching High School Math Analysis(pre calculus)

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    This year I am a sophomore in High School taking Algebra II. Since I got a B this year in honors English, I decided to self teach myself Precalcus(Math Analysis) with the hopes of taking AP Calculus BC my Junior year. I want to impress the colleges,chiefly The Wharton School of Finance, with my mathematical ability. First, is this conceivable(I got all A's in Algebra II)? Second, how truly difficult is Calculus BC? I am up for any challenge, but I would like to know what I would be getting myself into.

    Thanks in advance for your input.

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    Ok im sorry i dont quite catch how getting a B in english relates, but w/e. Go for it I skipped the first half of Math analysis, and its not that hard, and its definetly do-able, maybe try and find a senior at your school that could help you, if they tutor you it would be relatively cheap, and they are fairly fresh with the material. Go for it, and have fun in BC next year, hopefully ill be in that class as well
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    Well, I am hoping that taking a AP Calculus BC as a Junior and getting an A will offset the effects of a B in English on my College transcript.
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    i dont think a b looks that bad, what was the number grade, because if it doesnt hurt your gpa too much then it doesnt matter
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    Well it will probably be around 83-86. However, in my school anything from an 83 to a 86.99 is weighed the same as far as GPA goes. Everything else is an A though. It probably won't affect my GPA all that much, but I suspect I won't ever get an A in English throughout High School if I have the same teacher. I want my transcript to have the "wow" factor. Hopefully, an A in AP Calculus BC as a Junior can supply that. Thanks for you input.

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    o wow an 87 is an A for you guys? where are you goin? where im at a 92 is the highest B
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    Well not quite. An 87-89.99 is a B+ which is weighted higher than a B. 90-92.99 is an A- , 93-96.99 is an A, and 97+ is an A+
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    ok i got a little confused because im used to A, B, C grading, no in betweens or plus & minuses
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    If you get on it you can teach yourself pre calculus pretty quickly.
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