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    Converting a nonlinear eqn of motion to a state-space model

    Homework Statement equations above are descriptive of a system with two configuration variables, q1 and q2. inputs are tau1 and tau2. d and c values are given. the question is about conversion of above equations to a state-space equation where the state-variables are x1 = q1_dot, x2 = q1_2dot...
  2. L

    Finding the state space model of a nonlinear system

    Homework Statement The state space model of a nonlinear system is x'_1(t) = 2x^2_2(t) - 50 x'_2(t) = -x_1(t) - 3x_2(t) + u(t) Where x_1(t) and x_2(t) are the states, and u(t) is the input. The output of the system is x_2(t). Find the state space model of this system linearized at the...
  3. Linder88

    State-Space (SS) models

    Homework Statement The task is to write the following equations of motion as in equation (2) considering the inputs and outputs as in equation (3) \begin{equation} \begin{cases}...