What is storms: Definition and 33 Discussions

A storm is any disturbed state of the natural environment or the atmosphere of an astronomical body. It may be marked by significant disruptions to normal conditions such as strong wind, tornadoes, hail, thunder and lightning (a thunderstorm), heavy precipitation (snowstorm, rainstorm), heavy freezing rain (ice storm), strong winds (tropical cyclone, windstorm), wind transporting some substance through the atmosphere such as in a dust storm, among other forms of severe weather.
Storms have the potential to harm lives and property via storm surge, heavy rain or snow causing flooding or road impassibility, lightning, wildfires, and vertical and horizontal wind shear. Systems with significant rainfall and duration help alleviate drought in places they move through. Heavy snowfall can allow special recreational activities to take place which would not be possible otherwise, such as skiing and snowmobiling.
The English word comes from Proto-Germanic *sturmaz meaning "noise, tumult".Storms are created when a center of low pressure develops with the system of high pressure surrounding it. This combination of opposing forces can create winds and result in the formation of storm clouds such as cumulonimbus. Small localized areas of low pressure can form from hot air rising off hot ground, resulting in smaller disturbances such as dust devils and whirlwinds.

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  1. K

    The Probability of Rain: A Meteorologist's Perspective.

    I searched, "is infinity possible?" Because I was coming up with some thoughts which seemed logical (I hope) so I was compelled to find others discussing the topic to see if I even came close to several different answers.
  2. I

    B Protecting Your Computer from Solar Storms - Is a Faraday Cage Enough?

    How did you find PF?: Via Google search From what I understand in scientific publications, if there is a strong solar storm directed towards the Earth, the effects would be such that any electronic equipment would suffer irreparable damage. I ask, if I put my computer inside a Faraday cage...
  3. anorlunda

    Can Storm Chasing be Considered a Form of Nature Appreciation?

    When we hear the word storm, we think of the threats that it brings and the damage it might leave behind. I like this video, because it shows the spectacular sky shows that come with storms. They are surely one of our most magnificent displays of nature.
  4. S

    B Jupiter's pole storms - potential relation?

    I just watched this beautiful video about resonance frequencies and saw a pattern (the pattern at 1:25) , that reminded me of the pole storms on jupiter: Image Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/SwRI/ASI/INAF/JIRA Could it be that some resonance frequencies on the pole of Jupiter are the reason why...
  5. Buzz Bloom

    I The source of the dust in Martian dust storms

    The article I first read which discusses this topic is: "IDing Mars' Dust" by Dale Keiger Johns Hopkins Magazine Volume 70, Number 4, Winter 2018 Page 20 The principle researchers are Assistant Professor Kevin Lewis of Earth and planetary sciences in the Krieger School, and postdoctoral fellow...
  6. T

    B New Storms on Jupiter, by Juno spacecraft

    https://www.space.com/nasa-juno-dodges-death-jupiter-polar-storm.html Includes a video.
  7. davenn

    2018-12-20 -- major and damaging storms across Sydney

    Thursday 20th Dec, will be known for one the most costly storm damage days in Sydney area in the last 20 years. One insurance company alone has stated it had so far received ~ 125,000 claims for hail, wind and flooding damage. Hail up to grapefruit size, golfball and tennis ball size was common...
  8. davenn

    2018-12-16 Another day of storms

    A nice looking LP (Low Precip) rotating cell passed over home an hour ago... West Ryde, NSW, Australia Dave
  9. davenn

    2018-12-15 .... large storms, around home today

    hi guys Some serious storms from West Ryde, NSW, Australia today, 15 Dec 2018 from home and wharf at end of my street. The lightning strikes are frame grabs from video All images from a Canon 6D
  10. davenn

    20 Oct 2018 - more severe storms, Sydney, Australia region

    This session started off as a lot of large and reasonably individual cells but as they merged, they morphed into a 800 kilometre long storm line that stretched across the eastern side of the state of NSW ( New South Wales). Intense CG ( Cloud to Ground) lightning as it approached from the west...
  11. davenn

    2018-10-18 Significant storms around Sydney, Australia

    the last couple of days, 17th and 18th Oct have produced some severe thunderstorms in the Sydney basin and surrounding region. Here's several photos I did from yesterday's activity from my work place in western Sydney ( out towards Penrith) Intense lightning, heavy rain and surface flooding and...
  12. G

    B Can Star Wars-like asteroid storms exist?

    I know, in our solar system, the asteroid belt is very rare, and the rings of Saturn is thin. But can dense asteroid clouds exist elsewhere? For example in a binary star system, where constant changing of gravity prevent the forming of a planet from chunks?
  13. Robert House

    What is the impact of storms on submarines?

    Here is a scenario to further explain. Let's say I am traveling inside of a submarine. I travel within a depth of 100 to 600 feet deep or 4 to 19 atmospheres. How would I and my submarine be affected if there were a hurricane, tsunami, or hurricane above the ocean. Furthermore, does the...
  14. M

    The impact of desertification and dust storms on agriculture

    Hello all, Could desertification exacerbate dust storms so much, and thereby destroy agriculture on earth? (due to the drop in temperature and sunlight) Also, under what kind of circumstances would desertification spread so much so that all plants on Earth would become extinct? If such a thing...
  15. Singlau

    B Mars' Global Sandstorm: Causes and Effects

    Recently I read a book about Mars, and it says that global sandstorm blows from southern hemisphere to northern hemisphere at perihelion. It's because the southern part is more heated at that position and the closer distance to sun gives it a high temperature, thus sublimating large amount CO2...
  16. wolram

    Will a solar storm hit us soon, or was this a one off event

    http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2015/10/151026112106.htm Will a solar storm hit us soon, or was this a one off event
  17. I

    What is the mass of Jupiter's white oval storms compared to Earth?

    I know the Great Red Spot on Jupiter is much larger than the white ovals. However I'm curious as to how much mass the white oval storms would have compared to say the Earth. I know they're ovals and from what I've seen they're about 9,000 km long and 5,000 km wide which if I paid attention means...
  18. B

    Can hail cannons really disrupt hail storms?

    There is an episode of 'The Magic of Science' on the Discovery Channel that features a device called a hail cannon which uses the force of a vortex of air blasted out of a tube by an oxygen-acetylene explosion to move objects and it was mentioned by a cast member of the show that this device can...
  19. C

    Why storms interfere with telecommunications?

    I am not referring to solar winds, just normal adverse atmospheric conditions. Thank you Regards
  20. O

    What Geomagnetic Storms release proton or electron?

    Does anyone have any suggestions whether proton or electron or other is shooting outward from the Sun during the Geomagnetic Storms? Thanks in advance for any suggestions
  21. D

    Effect of Solar Storms on the Grid and Nuke Plants?

    I found a recent article suggesting that solar storms predicted in in the next few years pose a serious threat to the electrical grid and thus to nuclear plant cooling systems: "Severe Solar Storms Could Disrupt Earth This Decade: NOAA," International Business Times...
  22. S

    Exploring the Generation of Sound and Electrical Energy in Thunderstorms

    How is sound and electrical energy generated in a thunder storm? i know that in thunder storms large amounts of energy is released when the water vapour in the clouds condenses into water,but that is supposed to be in the form of heat energy (the same heat energy that was absorbed by the water...
  23. S

    Are Solar Storms More Impactful at the South Atlantic Anomaly?

    Does the Van Allen Belt dipping closer to the Earth at the South Atlantic Anomaly mean the Earth's surface underneath (like South-Eastern Brazil) is more exposed to solar storms..? My terminology might be slightly-off here: do Singular proton events (SPEs) affect the SAA area more as the...
  24. D

    Effects of Tropical Storms on Salt Marsh Ecosystems

    Large tropical storms can have dramatic effects on coastal, estuarine, and terrestrial ecosystems. The combination of high winds and intense precipitation deposits a large amount of leaves, branches, and mud as well as pollutants into the streams killing some of the living organisms in the...
  25. S

    Can Solar Storms Render All Electronics Useless?

    I have heard that a significant coronal mass ejection or solar storm can knock out the power grid. Can such an event damage all types of electronics making anything with a circuit board useless? Would motorcycles with magnetos still run? (I might ask this question in an electrical engineer...
  26. Andre

    Chaitén volcano and electrical storms

    Apparantly, an incredibly intense electrical storm develloped during the eruption, giving some spectacular light effects during the night http://www.nuestroclima.com/blog/?p=1003
  27. P

    What Causes Lightning on Venus?

    http://www.saturndaily.com/reports/NASA_Spacecraft_Tracks_Raging_Saturn_Storm_999.html What puzzles me is why they refer the storm as electrical. What is different between storm on Earth and those distant electrical storms?
  28. R

    Effects of Solar Magnetic Storms on Early Telegraphy and Telephony

    Back in the early days of telegraph and telephone lines, electromagnetic storms emanating from the sun shut down communications services over land lines. As the decades progressed, solar storms no longer affected those lines. What engineering change was made to land lines to insulate them...
  29. Evo

    Windy Weather on the Plains: When Storms Get Named

    A tropical storm is named if a storm has winds that exceed 39 MPH and it makes news. 39 MPH winds are really common here on the plains. We routinely have storms here with sustained winds of 60-70 MPH, but they don't get named and they don't make the news. Right now we have a storm with...
  30. Evo

    My Experiences with Supercell Storms

    I seem to attract these, the worst of which was baseball sized hail that only hit my neighborhood a few years ago. I was in the kitchen tonight when I heard thunder and saw that a black cloud was directly over me and nowhere else, there was blue sky all around. I kept telling T_E that I...
  31. D

    Solar Storm Ideas: Share Your Thoughts Here

    Hi ppl. I am currently doing a project on solar storm and its requirement includes coming out with proposed ideas/theory and investigations. So, I am just trying my luck here to see if you guys have any weird thoughts about solar storm. E.g. how to predict solar storm better, how to protect...
  32. R

    Chirac storms out of EU summit

    http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/europe/4842734.stm" I'm miffed.
  33. motai

    Dial-up disconnects during storms

    For some reason I keep getting disconnected whenever a storm is nearby. Its lightning outside pretty bad, but the power is not affected, instead the effect is limited to the phone line only. Is the lightning short-circuiting the phone line? Or is it something local? I'm having a difficult...