2018-12-20 -- major and damaging storms across Sydney

In summary, Thursday 20th Dec will be remembered as one of the most damaging storm days in Sydney in the last 20 years. One insurance company has already received 125,000 claims for hail, wind, and flooding damage. The hail ranged in size from grapefruit to golfball and tennis ball, causing major destruction. Many people were out taking photos of the storm, including one person in Camden who captured some amazing shots. The most intense parts of the storm were marked in red to purple on radar, with one particularly intense super cell being the highlight of the day. Let's hope everyone affected by the storm is able to get their homes repaired quickly. Stay safe out there!
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Thursday 20th Dec, will be known for one the most costly storm damage days in Sydney area in the last 20 years. One insurance company alone has stated it had so far received ~ 125,000 claims for hail, wind and flooding damage. Hail up to grapefruit size, golfball and tennis ball size was common in some areas

other fellow Sydney chaser hail pix ...



Camden is around 25 km SW of home
here's several pic's from the day from my camera ... just a small selection

181220 8536.jpg

181220 8540.jpg

181220 8558.jpg

181220 8571.jpg

and for the money shot of the day ...
a major super cell

181220 8600.jpg


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Some radar pix during this time ...
the red through to purple are the most intense parts of the storm cells
The blue dot in the middle is home




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Wow, those are some impressive photos! It's crazy how much damage a storm can cause in just one day. I hope everyone affected is able to get their insurance claims sorted quickly and start repairing their homes. Stay safe everyone!

1. What caused the major and damaging storms across Sydney on December 20, 2018?

The major and damaging storms across Sydney on December 20, 2018 were caused by a low-pressure system combined with high levels of moisture in the atmosphere. This created unstable conditions and led to the formation of severe thunderstorms.

2. How were the storms predicted and monitored?

The storms were predicted and monitored by meteorologists using weather forecasting models and satellite imagery. They also used data from weather observation stations and radar technology to track the development and movement of the storms.

3. What kind of damage was caused by the storms?

The storms caused a range of damage including strong winds, heavy rain, and hail. This resulted in power outages, flash flooding, and damage to buildings, trees, and infrastructure.

4. Were there any fatalities or injuries from the storms?

Fortunately, there were no reported fatalities from the storms. However, there were some reports of minor injuries from falling debris and accidents caused by the severe weather conditions.

5. Are these types of storms becoming more frequent in Sydney?

It is difficult to determine if these types of storms are becoming more frequent in Sydney as it requires long-term data analysis. However, it is important to note that severe weather events are expected to become more frequent due to the effects of climate change.

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